• Working at a cmputer

    A2 Virtual+ offers two Drop-In Centers during the week:

    Most Tuesdays during the school year.  Students can use the Drop-In Center to receive help with an online class, have an assessment proctored, or just come to work in the instructor supported computer lab. Students who are looking to speak with a specific teacher should confirm an appointment prior to the drop in time.  While we always have someone available, if a specific teacher need is required, please email the teacher ahead of time.  Michigan Virtual instructors are not available to help as these teachers are located throughout the state.  Students who are in need of help with a World Language are to contact Cindy Leaman for arrangements to be made.  Students who wish to take a Distrct Common Assessment during the Tuesday evening session must arrive no later than 5:15 pm to be able to start.  We are required to allow up to one hour and 45 minutes for each Distict Common Assessment and our session ends at 7:00 pm.  Students who arrival after 5:15 pm to take a District Common Assessment will not be allowed to begin.

    Most Thursday mornings during the school year, A2 Virtual+ runs a drop-in Center at Balas, 2555 S. State St.  This drop-in center is only for proctoring tests.  Students are to arrive between 7:15-8:15 am.  Staff will remain with students until tests are completed.  Students will not be excused from an in-building exam or assignment for the purposes of taking an online exam.  However, if a student does run a little late to school we will provide a note of explaination.


     Always check the calendar to determine the location and times of the Drop-In Sessions.