• Last Name First Name Building/Department Title Email Phone Extension
    Ayotte Andie Ann Arbor Open Teacher, Resource Room ayottea@a2schools.org 994-1910 13516
    Barnard Amelia Ann Arbor Open Teacher, ELL barnarda@a2schools.org 994-1910 13549
    Battey Beth Ann Arbor Open Office Professional 0.5 batteye@a2schools.org 994-1910 13201
    Bernier Aina Ann Arbor Open Teacher, Gr 7/8 Science berniera@a2schools.org 994-1910 13548
    Blackson-Pakela Amanda Ann Arbor Open Teacher, Band blacksonpakelaa@a2schools.org 994-1910 13514
    Bonenberger Kim Ann Arbor Open Physical Therapist bonenbergerk@a2schools.org 994-1910 13534
    Bradley Jessica Ann Arbor Open Speech Language Pathologist bradleyjes@a2schools.org 994-1910 13512
    Bulley-Simpson Sheril Ann Arbor Open Teacher, Gr 5/6 bulleysimpsons@a2schools.org 994-1910 13524
    Carpenter Melissa Ann Arbor Open Teacher, Band overhise@a2schools.org 994-1910 13514
    Clement Kayla Ann Arbor Open Teacher, ELL clementk@a2schools.org 994-1910 13512
    Collins Clarence Ann Arbor Open Community Assistant collinscl@a2schools.org 994-1910
    Connor Karen Ann Arbor Open Paraprofessional connor@a2schools.org 994-1910 13200/13201
    Courage Anna Ann Arbor Open Teacher, Resource Room couragea@a2schools.org 994-1910 13541
    Curtis Chris Ann Arbor Open Assistant Principal curtisc@a2schools.org 994-1910 13542
    DePasquale Jason Ann Arbor Open Teacher, Gr 5/6 depasqualec@a2schools.org 994-1910 13552
    Deucher Christine Ann Arbor Open Teacher, Librarian deucher@a2schools.org 994-1910 13531
    Deucher Jesse Ann Arbor Open Teacher, Physical Education .8/Parapro .2 deucherj@a2schools.org 994-1910 13200/13201
    Downs Chad Ann Arbor Open Teacher, Gr 3/4 downsc@a2schools.org 994-1910 13513
    Dufek Candi Ann Arbor Open Paraprofessional dufek@a2schools.org 994-1910 13200/13201
    Ennis Deb Ann Arbor Open Teacher, Art ennisd@a2schools.org 994-1910 13510
    Funk-Carter Kate Ann Arbor Open School Social Worker funkcar@a2schools.org 994-1910 13503
    Gagern Jessica Ann Arbor Open School Nurse gagernj@a2schools.org 994-1910 13501
    Gibb-Randall Tom Ann Arbor Open Teacher, Gr 3/4 gibbrandallt@a2schools.org 994-1910 13536
    Glei Cathy Ann Arbor Open Reading Specialist gleic@a2schools.org 994-1910 13549
    Grant Chrissy Ann Arbor Open Paraprofessional grantc@a2schools.org 994-1910 13200/13201
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