PreK - 5th Grade Report Cards

  • Dawn Linden
    Executive Director,
    Elementary Education

    Last year marked the first year of our transition to standards-based outcome reporting, a shift from our past practice of unit topic reporting. Small changes were made to the English language arts and mathematics sections this year. The same transition to standards will take place for both science and social studies over the next two years and some updates already appear in the science section.

    When using the key, it is important to note that students earning a “3” have mastered the skill or concept and are performing at expectation for the grade level. This is our target for each and every student.

    report card example

    Some children may demonstrate enriched understanding in a particular area, which indicates a deeper than expected understanding. A score of “4” does not indicate grade level acceleration, however it may mean the student will need to be challenged in that area. A score of “1” indicates the need for support and will likely result in additional support to ensure adequate growth toward mastery.

    Today you will also receive an NWEA Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) student progress report. Each fall elementary students in grades 1-5 take the MAP assessment, a nationally normed tool that provides information about student growth across the school year and over the course of elementary school in the AAPS. Kindergarten students will take the assessment in January. The assessment also provides information about how students perform in comparison to the District and national average. These data not only helps teachers to make decisions about day-to-day instruction and goal-setting but are also used to make decisions about curriculum and strategies for improvement District-wide.

    We hope you find both reports helpful in understanding your child(ren)’s progress so far this year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your teacher or principal.

    To learn more about how to read the MAP student progress report, visit