• Last Name First Name Building/Department Title Email Phone Extension
    Ambrosino Coert Abbot Elementary Teacher, Env Ed ambrosinoc@a2schools.org 994-2221
    Anahid Sahra Abbot Elementary Paraprofessional anahid@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Bauman Kristen Abbot Elementary Paraprofessional baumank@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Bauman Mariah Abbot Elementary Teacher, Y5 baumanm@a2schools.org 994-1901 10815
    Bonenberger Kim Abbot Elementary Physical Therapist bonenbergerk@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Brenner Erica Abbot Elementary School Nurse brennere@a2schools.org 994-1901 10412
    Briggs Kathleen Abbot Elementary Teacher, Gr 2 briggsk@a2schools.org 994-1901 10440
    Bukis Shannon Abbot Elementary Secretary to Principal bukiss@a2schools.org 994-1901 10200
    Burns Turinda Abbot Elementary Paraprofessional burnst@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Butler Christia Abbot Elementary Teacher Consultant butlerc@a2schools.org 994-1901 10449
    Child Care Abbot Elementary 994-4980
    DeKeyzer Carol Abbot Elementary Teacher, KG dekeyzer@a2schools.org 994-1901 10420
    Eaddy Rochelle Abbot Elementary Media Clerk eaddyr@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Even Sarah Abbot Elementary Paraprofessional evens@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Fozkos Alison Abbot Elementary Teacher, Gr 4 fozkosa@a2schools.org 994-1901 10437
    Friedman Dana Abbot Elementary Teacher, Librarian friedmand@a2schools.org 994-1901 10402
    Grambau Joel Abbot Elementary Teacher, Gr 4 grambauj@a2schools.org 994-1901 10435
    Griffith Lori Abbot Elementary Paraprofessional griffithl@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Gusfa Angela Abbot Elementary OT gusfaa@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Hagen Michael Abbot Elementary Teacher, Gr 1 hagenm@a2schools.org 994-1901 10418
    Hebert Jennifer Abbot Elementary Teacher Clerk hebertj@a2schools.org 994-1901 10201
    Hoover Susan Abbot Elementary Teacher, Vocal Music hoover@a2schools.org 994-1901 10450
    Huber Sabrina Abbot Elementary Technical Assistant hubers@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Johnson Nathalie Abbot Elementary Paraprofessional johnsonnaa@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Johnston Julie Abbot Elementary Intervention Specialist johnstonj@a2schools.org 994-1901
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