• Last Name First Name Building/Department Title Email Phone Extension
    Barrett Tracy Abbot Elementary Teacher, Gr 5 barrettt@a2schools.org 994-1901 10433
    Bauman Mariah Abbot Elementary Teacher, Gr 4 baumanm@a2schools.org 994-1901 10435
    Bonenberger Kim Abbot Elementary Physical Therapist 994-1901
    Bradley Sarah Abbot Elementary Teacher Young 5s bradleys@a2schools.org 994-1901 10815
    Bukis Shannon Abbot Elementary Secretary To Principal bukiss@a2schools.org 994-1901 10200
    Burns Turinda Abbot Elementary Paraprofessional 994-1901
    Butler Christia Abbot Elementary Teacher Consultant butlerc@a2schools.org 994-1901 10449
    Cameron Linda Abbot Elementary Paraprofessional cameronl@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Carson Meghan Abbot Elementary Teacher Clerk carsonm@a2schools.org 994-1901 10201
    Corey Alison Abbot Elementary Teacher Young 5s coreya@a2schools.org 994-1901 10422
    Crowell Kristi Abbot Elementary Instrumental Music crowellk@a2schools.org 994-1901
    DeKeyzer Carol Abbot Elementary Teacher, KG dekeyzer@a2schools.org 994-1901 10420
    Evens Sarah Abbot Elementary Paraprofessional evens@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Frailey Tracie Abbot Elementary Teacher, Resource Room fraileyt@a2schools.org 994-1901 10432
    Galia Laura Abbot Elementary School Nurse galial@a2schools.org 994-1901 10412
    Gause Lauri Abbot Elementary Teacher, Gr 2 gausel@a2schools.org 994-1901 10438
    Griffith Lori Abbot Elementary Paraprofessional griffithl@a2schools.org 994-1901 10431
    Holderith Bana Abbot Elementary Paraprofessional 994-1901
    Hoover Susan Abbot Elementary Teacher, Vocal Music hoover@a2schools.org 994-1901 10450
    Johnson Julie Abbot Elementary Technical Assistant johnso12@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Liliefors Erin Abbot Elementary Instrumental Music lillieforse@a2schools.org 994-1901
    Maksimchuk Gina Abbot Elementary Teacher, KG maksimcc@a2schools.org 994-1901 10421
    McAlinden Colleen Abbot Elementary Teacher, Reading Intervention mcalinc@a2schools.org 994-1901 10441
    Meyer Andrew Abbot Elementary Teacher, Gr 1 meyera@a2schools.org 994-1901 10418
    Murphy Catherine Abbot Elementary School Psychologist murphyc@a2schools.org 994-1901 10446
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