School Menu Information

  • nutrislice promo
    In the food service department we are constantly looking for ways to make the cafeteria an exciting place for our students to spend time with thier friends. We've been working behind the scenes with Dominos Pizza to offer their smart slice pizza to our studetns. This program will start the week of February 11th. 
     -The Pizza meets all USDA regulations and is compliant for the Child Nutrition Program
    -Dominos is made locally and supports local business in the area
    -The Dominos Brand is well recognized and will be a great treat for our students and staff
    See below to find out which day it will be in your school. For your convenience we have listed it daily on the interactive menu.
    Monday: Ann Arbor Open, Abbott, Dicken, Eberwhite, Logan  
    Tuesday: Allen, Angell, Bach, Haisley, King, Mitchell, Pittsfield 
    Wednesday: Bryant, Carpenter, Lakewood, Lawton, Northside 
    Thursday: Burns Park, Pattengill, Thurston, Wines
    Printable menus below ↓