• Attendance Email: sky_attendance@aaps.k12.mi.us

    Phone Number:  734-994-7842  

    General Office assistance is available 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.


    The Ann Arbor Board of Education believes that regular and punctual attendance by students results in greater levels of student achievement in a safe, secure, and orderly school, in higher staff and student morale, and in better preparation for post-high school life.

    An essential part of all education takes place through social interaction that one cannot learn from studying texts. While independent work and/or research is vital, it is equally important to hear lectures, participate in activities and discussions, be exposed to other peoples’ ideas, and work with non-print materials. For this reason, daily attendance and participating in class is crucial and will impact student performance positively.

    Students and their parents/guardians should understand that excessive absences, whether excused or unexcused, might often drastically affect class grades. Successful students are seldom absent.

    Extended Absence Form (3 days or more OR 1 or 2 days before/ after a school vacation/break)

    Form must be turned in and signed by all teachers and SLC Administrator 5 days prior to the first day missed. Please download the Extended Absence Form by clicking HERE.


    Students are expected to be in class, punctual, and prepared to participate in the learning process every day. Regular attendance and punctuality are essential if students are to make use of the educational opportunities in high school.

    Excused Absences

    To excuse an absence a student’s parent/ guardian must notify (e.g. in person or a phone call––notes are also accepted) the school of the student’s absence within 48 hours with an acceptable reason.

    Parents/guardians may excuse absences only for the following reasons:

    1. Personal illness

    2. Illness of an immediate family member

    3. Death of a family member or close friend

    4. Verified medical or dental appointment

    5. Verified legal proceedings

    6. Emergency removal for administrative reasons

    7. Suspension from school

    8. Approved school-sponsored or school-related activity

    9. Emergency child care

    10. Exceptional or unexpected transportation difficulties

    11. Observance of a religious holiday

    12. Other activities approved by school administration

    13. Pre-excused family travel/college visits 

    Additional Notes

    The grade level administrator must pre-approve absences for family travel/college visits to allow for make-up privileges. Families are expected to completely fill out a “Request for Extended Absence” form and turn it in at the grade level office in advance.

    Once an extended absence is approved, the student has the responsibility to make the appropriate arrangements with his/her teachers.

    When leaving during your scheduled school hours, student must check out at the general office, or the clinic and the parents need to be contacted by the office releasing the student.

    Students may not be excused from class in order to remain in school to study for a test, go to the media center, complete make-up work, or attend some other in-school activity.

    Students who arrive after the beginning of their school day or who return after checking out must report tothe general office.

     Failure to follow proper late arrival or check out procedures may result in consequences according to the AAPS Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook and Local School Rules.

    Excused Absence Procedure

    When reporting an absence, please be prepared to leave the following information:

    1. Student’s name

    2. I.D. Number

    3. Grade Level

    4. Date(s) and time(s) of absence

    5. Reason for absence(s)

    6. Your name and relationship to the student

    Unexcused Absences

    Unexcused absences are those absences where the student fails to attend class and the parent or guardian has not notified the school in accordance with the required attendance procedures. Students may not make up work (including tests) for credit due to unexcused absences.

    Make-up Work

    Teachers must allow students to make up work due to excused absences. Two days will be granted for the make-up of one day’s excused absence. Students are expected to take the initiative in asking teachers for make-up work.

    Tardies (Excused and Unexcused)

    Students have a responsibility to arrive on time. An unexcused tardy occurs when a student arrives after the bell rings without an acceptable excuse.  Excused tardies allow a student to make up work. However, the consequences for accumulated tardiness will be: After 10 tardies in a quarter, student will be assigned an after-school detention.  After each additional 5 tardies, another detention will be assigned. The tardy policy is enforced for all tardies, excused or unexcused, unless there is a specific medical reason documented by a doctor’s note that has specific restriction or time. The student tardy count re-sets to zero at the beginning of each quarter.

    Consequences for unexcused tardiness will be in accordance with the provisions of the AAPS Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook and Local School Rules.

    Parent Notification

    The primary method of notification arrives in the form of an attendance summary that will be mailed home, or made available with interim reports, quarterly grades, and final semester grades. These summaries provide families with reports at approximately four-week intervals. Other means of notification include a computerized message system to notify families of unexcused absences; parents can monitor through Powerschool and teacher counselor, and/or administrator calls when attendance concerns arise. Parents may call the appropriate grade level office for student attendance records. The primary responsibility for maintaining good attendance belongs to students and their families.