Truancy & Absenteeism

  • Dear Thurston Families,

    Your child’s academic success is important to us, as I am sure it is to you. Thurston Elementary School believes that students need to be in class to learn. Minutes and days can quickly add up and impact access to learning. It is important that your child attends school regularly. When students are absent or tardy to school it creates more stress for them as they try to complete assignments or lessons they missed in addition to their daily work. Also, much of what happens in the classroom cannot be repeated.

    We would like to invite families to help us by setting a goal that no child misses more than 9 days during the 2019-2020 school year!

    Do you know?

    • 5 minutes tardy per day equals 15 hours a year or about 3 school days
    • 15 minutes a day equals 45 hours a year or about 9 school days
    • 30 minutes tardy per day equals 90 hours a year or about 18 school days
    • 18 days absent equals 10% of the school year

    These disruptions to the educational experience can have a negative impact on a student’s learning experience. Of course, we do understand that students miss school for reasons related to illness, family emergencies, or personal needs. However, it is our responsibility to inform families of their child’s standing and offer support where needed.

    If you child is going to be absent or tardy please contact the school at: or by calling the school office at (734) 994-1970.

    Throughout the year, reports will be sent home from the Thurston office when patterns of tardy/absences emerge or continue to be excessive. Monitoring of school attendance is in place to support student learning.

    Ann Arbor Public Schools Absenteeism Intervention Protocol Phases

    • Phase I: 5 days missed, call from school, any support needed?
    • Phase II: 10 days missed, letter from school, meeting scheduled with Thurston administration to develop an attendance agreement.
    • Phase III: 15 days missed, second letter from school, meeting scheduled with Thurston administration, District Access and Opportunity Advocates attend, team creates attendance agreement and a three week follow-up is scheduled to review improvements.
    • Phase IV: Persistent Absenteeism, third letter from school, second meeting with family, Thurston administration, and District advocates. Follow-up or next steps will be initiated.

    For more information about the district's policies, visit the Access and Opportunity section on Ann Arbor Public Schools District Website at:

    If at any time your family needs our help with access to learning or receives a letter or phone call that you would like to discuss, please contact Rose Marie Callahan, Assistant Principal at:


    Natasha York, Principal

    Rose Marie Callahan, Assistant Principal

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