Truancy & Absenteeism

  • Dear Thurston Family,

    Your child’s academic success is important to us, as I am sure it is to you. Thurston Elementary School believes that students need to be in school to learn. It is important that your child attends school regularly. Minutes and days can quickly add up and impact access to learning. When students are absent or tardy to school it creates more stress for them as they try to complete assignments or lessons they missed in addition to their daily work. Also, much of what happens in the classroom cannot be repeated.

    Do you know?
    5 minutes tardy per day equals 15 hours a year or about 3 school days
    15 minutes a day equals 45 hours a year or about 9 school days
    30 minutes tardy per day equals 90 hours a year or about 18 school days

    We are just a bit more than half the way through the year, and are finding that some students have accumulated a significant number of absences and/or days tardy. These disruptions to the educational experience can have a negative impact on a student’s learning experience. Of course, we do understand that students miss school for reasons related to illness, family emergencies, or personal needs. However, it is our responsibility to inform families of their child’s standing and offer support where needed.

    Over the remainder of the year, reports will be sent home from the Thurston office when tardy and absence patterns emerge or continue to be excessive. Monitoring of school attendance is in place to support student learning. Please click here to see a Fact sheet about Absenteeism and Truancy.

    If at any time your family receives a letter and would like to discuss the details, please contact the school office at (734) 994-1970.


    Natasha York

    Rose Marie Callahan
    Assistant Principal

    For more information about the district's policies, visit the District Webpage.