• Last Name First Name Building/Department Title Email Phone Extension
    Andreica Monica King Elementary Paraprofessional andreicam@a2schools.org 994-1940
    Berger Kristen King Elementary Teacher, Vocal Music bergerk@a2schools.org 994-1940 21524
    Birrell Lindsay King Elementary Social Worker birrell@a2schools.org 994-1940
    Burrill Katharine King Elementary Teacher, Librarian burrillk@a2schools.org 994-1940 21528
    Christopher Meaghan King Elementary Speech-Language Pathologist roem@a2schools.org 994-1940 21533
    Clarkson Thomas King Elementary Teacher, Gr 1 clarkson@a2schools.org 994-1940 21515
    Clements Bridgette King Elementary Paraprofessional clementsb@a2schools.org 994-1940
    Clinkscale Koren King Elementary Principal clinkscalek@a2schools.org 994-1940 21202
    Crosby Linda King Elementary Teacher, K crosby@a2schools.org 994-1940 21521
    Cucu Samantha King Elementary Assistant Principal cucus@a2schools.org 994-1940 21537
    Cusumano Christina King Elementary Paraprofessional cusumanoc@a2schools.org 994-1940
    de Castro Fernandes Denise King Elementary Paraprofessional decastrofernandesd@a2schools.org
    Douglas Samantha King Elementary Teacher, K douglass@a2schools.org 994-1940 21511
    Eaddy Rochelle King Elementary Office Professional, Library Clerk eaddyr@a2schools.org 994-1940 21528
    Fineberg Emily King Elementary Teacher, Art fineberge@a2schools.org 994-1940 21502
    Fisher Dave King Elementary Teacher, Gr 5 fisherd@a2schools.org 994-1940 21518
    Furspan Carissa King Elementary Office Professional furspanc@a2schools.org 994-1940 21201
    Gatonez Diana King Elementary Teacher, K gatonez@a2schools.org 994-1940 21535
    Gooel Stephanie King Elementary Teacher, Gr 2 gooels@a2schools.org 994-1940 21512
    Gourd Monica King Elementary Teacher, K dalmiam@a2schools.org 994-1940 21506
    Gracey Becky King Elementary Teacher, Gr 5 graceyb@a2schools.org 994-1940 21513
    Hagan Linda King Elementary Teacher, Gr 4 hagan@a2schools.org 994-1940 21523
    Halliburton Danielle King Elementary Teacher, Special Ed halliburtond@a2schools.org 994-1940 21504
    Harris Abby King Elementary School Psychologist harrisa@a2schools.org 994-1940
    Hong Nicole King Elementary Teacher, Gr 1 hongn@a2schools.org 994-1940 21516
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