• Head Start and/or Great Start Readiness Programs

    To apply to either program you must begin the process by filling out an Interest Form and submitting it to the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD).

    After you complete and submit an Interest Form you should:

    • Receive a confirmation email from the WISD

    • The WISD will evaluate your Interest form to verify if your family meets program guidelines.

    • If your situation meets program guidelines the WISD will forward your Interest form to the first school of your choice that has openings as specified in the Intake Form.

    • The school will contact you to set up an Application/Enrollment appointment.

    During or prior to the Application/Enrollment appointment you will be asked to compete a 

    Head Start/GSRP Enrollment Package

    * Please Note - Enrollment Packets have been customized for each program from the AAPS Enrollment Forms, therefore,  please disregard page numbers.