Lottery Results for 2019-2020 School Year

  • The Community High School lottery was conducted using a double blind drawing system. Under this process, a pair of CHS counselors pulled cards from two different boxes at the same time. In one box, each card contained the name of one applicant, while in the other box each card contained a number. The numbered cards contained all the numbers from “1” through "346," the total number of students entered in the lottery this year. The process continued until every name card was matched with a lottery number card.   This took place in front of several independent witnesses and an external auditing firm, who verified that the double blind draw was successfully completed with fidelity.

    As stated in our Community High School Application and Enrollment Process, the first 132 lottery numbers will be offered seats at CHS for the 9th grade class that will graduate in 2023.  This means that lottery number “133” automatically becomes number “1” on the waitlist for the class of 2023.   I also want to remind applicants that in order for a student to accept their lottery seat and enroll at Community High School, we require proof of current or future residency within the Ann Arbor Public School district; the only non-district students who can accept a lottery seat at Community High are those that have previously enrolled in the Ann Arbor Public Schools through the Schools of Choice option.   

    All families entered in the lottery will receive additional information by the end of the week in an email to understand next steps, based on the student's lottery number. Lottery Results 2-20-2019