Student Parking Policy
    A $50.00 parking permit fee is required for proper vehicle registration. Seniors are able to purchase parking permits first, followed by Juniors. No parking passes will be issues to Sophomores or Freshman. Administration reserves the right to revoke parking privileges at any time. Parking fees are NOT refundable. Students parking in non-student parking areas will be given 2 warnings before they are towed. 

    Parking Requirements:
    -Complete the google form on the Pioneer HS website.
    -Vehicles must be registered and purchase a parking permit every year.
    -Pioneer Parking Permits must be affixed to the lower driver’s side windshield.
    -Students must park in legal parking spaces in the student parking area. (see map)
    -Students who drive irresponsibly will have their parking privileges revoked and may be ticketed.
    -Students are responsible for the security of their vehicles, including the contents.

    Student is NOT permitted in the following areas:
    - Flagpole entrance drive
    - Clock tower entrance drive
    - Media Center/Bus entrance drive
    - Athletic training and custodial delivery areas
    - Any of the 6 faculty/staff parking area
    - Visitor Parking area
    - On the grass
    - On athletic fields
    - On sidewalks or in fire lanes

    *NOTE: The City of Ann Arbor traffic ordinances are enforced on school property at all times. Violators, unregistered or unauthorized vehicles may be ticketed or towed at owners expense.