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Welcome to the Huron Personal Project website

On this page, you will find information about the Middle Years Programme (MYP) Personal Project at Huron High School.

MYP Personal Project Exhibition Videos

2022-2023 Personal Project Exhibition

  • On January 12th, 2023 Huron returned to holding our MYP Personal Project Exhibition in person! Please enjoy our exhibition video!

2021 MYP Personal Project Video Exhibition

  • While the ongoing pandemic did not allow Huron to hold an in-person exhibition, the 2021 MYP Personal Project Exhibition video will give you an idea of what our 10th grade MYP students did for their projects this year.

2019 Personal Project Exhibition

  • Please watch the video below to see our 2019 Personal Project Exhibition.

  • "You can do what you set your mind to. You told us what was important to you....and now we can look at what you did."  Please watch the video below to hear from Huron students and Huron IB Facilitator Todd Newell on the benefits fo the Huron Personal Project.

What is the Personal Project?

  • The Personal Project is the culminating experience of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in the 10th grade and showcases individual student inquiry learning.  During the Personal Project, students pursue a personal interest while applying the skills developed through the MYP Approaches to Learning including:

    • Research skills
    • Thinking skills
    • Self-management skills
    • Communication skills
    • Social skills.
Aims of the Personal Project

Why is the Personal Project important?

  • The personal project consists of a process, a product, and a report and presentation.  Collectively, these interrelated components allow students to meet the aims of the project.  Through the process of creating a product, students explore an area that is personally meaningful, take ownership of their learning in a self-directed inquiry, and transfer and apply skills in pursuit of a learning goal and the creation of a product. The product provides a focus for exploring an interest that is personally meaningful, and a basis for recognizing and evidencing personal growth.  Finally, preparing the report and presentation is an opportunity for students to engage in a structured reflection on the process and the product, allowing them to recognize and evidence their growth and development. While the report and presentation are the only components that are assessed, they reflect both the process and the product.

Elements of the Personal Project

What do students do in the Personal Project?

  • Students are guided to follow a process for learning that includes:

    A) Planning

    Students will:

    • state a learning goal for the project and explain how a personal interest led to that goal
    • state an intended product and develop appropriate success criteria for the product
    • present a clear, detailed plan for achieving the product and its associated success criteria

     B) Applying Skills

    Students will:

    • explain how the ATL skill(s) was/were applied to help achieve their learning goal
    • explain how the ATL skill(s) was/were applied to help achieve their product

     C) Reflecting

    Students will:

    • explain the impact of the project on themselves or their learning
    • evaluate the product based on the success criteria


    While completing the Personal Project, students will be guided through the above criteria and will also receive important instruction connected to research and communication skills.

Personal Project Objectives