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    Academic Games is a series of games designed to develop, challenge, and test a student's knowledge in several different subject areas beyond what is taught in school. Students compete in games that cover Math, English, Social Studies, & Logic.  The primary purpose of Academic Games is to make learning fun for students.  All too often it seems, students turn off to Math, English, or Social Studies because the students are bored or not challenged by the material.  Academic Games (AG) helps to alleviate that problem by challenging students to pursue their own education in these subjects in order to succeed in competition.

    Our Logan Academic Games team meets for vitural practices on Monday and Friday afternoons from 3:30-5pm.  In person practices will resume ONLY IF permitted by governmental and district guidelines.  Team members are encouraged to attend a minimum of one practice a week, but are welcome to attend as often as they wish.  All students competed against students from other schools at Friday practices and other schools from and throughout the state about once a month on Saturdays.  Like practices, these competitions will be virtual.  A full schedule of this year’s monthly Saturday tournaments can be found on our Team Communication Website.  

    The team is coached by volunteers and supported through the efforts of many parents who act as co-coaches, chaperones, and fundraisers.  There is NO FEE to parcipate.  Tierra Jackson is the Head Coach for Logan's Academic Games Team.  We would like to encourage parents to attend any and all practices and tournaments to learn the games.

    Questions? Contact your Logan Coach: Tierra Jackson jacksont@aaps.k12.mi.us     or call at 734-546-7012

    Ready to Register for our 2020.21 Team?  

    To sign up for this year’s team, simply fill out the registration form.

    Click Here For REGISTRATION: https://forms.gle/ZN689BBo8zGEUCHo8  

    After you register, be sure to join our Logan Academic Games Communication Website:(if you haven't already done so)


    Want to know more about Academic Games?


    After all Saturday Tournments have been completed.  Teams have the option to attend State and National Tournaments.  In order to be eligible for the (optional) three-day State Tournament in March, students must attend practice regularly, and must attend at least 3 Saturday tournaments by February.  National Tournament competitors are selected from among those who compete at the State Tournament. The National tournament is held in late April. There is a cost to the student to travel to State and National competitions as they stay in hotels and receive meals, but there is scholarship money available to qualifying students with financial need.  More information about these tournaments will be passed out later in the season.


    Although is there is no required fee to participate on the team, we do accept donations to help cover league registration fees, costs of games and supplies, and partially cover scholarship for the States and National Tournaments.  The donation is completely voluntary, and students’ status fo the state or national tournament will not be affected by any donation made.  All donations will be kept confidential.  Families typically donate $50.  If you wish to make a donation, please make a check out to “Logan PTSO" and in the memo: Ann Arbor Academic Games” and send it in to Ms. Jackson at Logan.  If you have any questions, please contact your Logan coach, Tierra Jackson ( 734-546-7012, jacksont@aaps.k12.mi.us ). 

    You Can Check out our Ann Arbor and Michigan Academic Games Sites too..

    Ann Arbor Academic Games page: http://www.a2ag.org/

    Michigan League of Academic Games page at:  http://www.mlagonline.com/ 

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