• Hello families! I am excited to welcome you to 2nd grade at Bryant Elementary. We are going to learn and experience so many amazing things this school year. This year will be my third year teaching 2nd grade, and I absolutely think it is the best grade ever! As an alum of Wayne State University, I have had the honor of being in primary classrooms for five years. I also have two children at Bryant this year.

    2nd grade is an amazing year! You can look forward to becoming stronger readers & writers, learning about phonics, our changing Earth and our community. In my classroom, we celebrate diversity and individuality, paying attention to the uniqueness that makes us who we are. I believe building a compassionate classroom community is a priority and you will often hear me say "You can be mad, but you cannot be mean." Learners will learn about treating others with kindness and respect while advocating for their own needs.

    I look forward to meeting you soon. We are going to have a fantastic learning adventure this year!