• Hello Families, 

    I look forward to meeting you and working in a partnership to make this year INCREDIBLE!!! 

    10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten.

    1. Read books every day. Enjoy the experience and practice sitting and listening to the story. 

    2. Build strong fine motor skills- practice holding a pencil, coloring, cutting with scissors, picking up objects with fingers, zipping up a coat, and putting on and taking off my shoes. 

    3. Learn to follow 2-step instructions: "Please go get your shoes and then put them on."

    4. Use good manners, "Please" and "Thank You."

    5. Print the first name with the first letter capitalized. 

    6. Talk about social skills: sharing, taking turns, using positive words, and handling anger, sadness, and feelings.  

    7. Practice your child taking responsibility for cleaning up messes, dressing themselves, getting their own snacks, and opening their own snacks, independent bathroom self-care. 

    8. Practice Counting: count objects daily. 

    9. Practice identifying names of letters and numbers (0-10) 

    10. Build self-esteem. Praise your child often because Kindergarten is hard!