• AAPS's Winter Giving Program has now ended

    Thanks to generous donors, AAPS was able to provide $11,000 in gift cards schools (including the Preschool)

    We also provided gift cards, winter clothing and needed items to other schools and to families experiencing homelessness.

    In all, AAPS Winter Giving received over $25,000 in gift card donations, gifts and winter clothing to support hundreds of children and families in need.

    Still interested in supporting AAPS students, families and schools? 

    We need your support year round!
    Check out our Support Students page for ongoing needs and requests or contact your school.

    Want to support a specific school? Please contact them directly.

    Thank you to our 2023 Winter Giving Donors!
    The following groups, organizations and families provided needed support for our students during the 2023 winter season:                                                                                                                                                                                   
    Organizations and Companies
    Ann Arbor Community Center
    Michigan Power Rodding
    Community Action Network
    Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor (Warm the Children)
    KLA Corporation
    Peace Neighborhood Center
    U-M Ross School of Business
    Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
    U-M Fraternities and Sororities Student Association
    Underground Printing
    Restore Resolutions, LLC
    Gago Center for Fertility
    J Keller Foundation
    Video & Internet Stuff, LLC
    Forsythe Middle School
    Logan Elementary, PTSO
    Ann Arbor Open
    Delta Gamma
    King Elementary Student Council
    Willow Integrated Therapy
    Edge Automony

    Families and Individual Donors
    Many Anonymous Donors
    Rishi Narayan
    Mary Ellen Hoy
    Amy Merkle
    Kerri Wakefield
    Kristen Metzger
    Pamela and Andrew Fine
    Kandi Homyak
    Kendra Svilar
    Devon McArdle
    Suzanne Wahl
    Elyse Geeting
    Marieka Kaye
    Lisa Bower
    Krisine Denzin
    Sara Robins
    Megan Patrick
    Lisa Jeffries
    Sarah Yentz
    Sarah Okin
    Cara Orfield
    Belinda Needham
    Bhaavna Senthil Kumar
    Lauren Shindo
    Becky Winkler-Dhakal
    Nancy Perez
    Luis and L. April Gago
    Scott Duren
    Venus Depena
    Vasudha Chandramouli
    Stacy Mates
    Peter LaRose
    Lizzie and Jon Keller
    Jennifer Brady
    Erica Frantz
    Kari Nehro
    Susannah Keller
    Scott Nadeau
    The Fergusons
    Lisa Ingall
    Andrew Caird
    Kayna Edwards
    Jiwon Jheong