Thurston PTO
  • Teacher Appreciation at Thurston Starts This Week!

    May 6th- We are kicking off our Teacher Appreciation activities with Make a Card for Your Teacher Day! Parents and students are encouraged to bring a card, note, or small gift to show appreciation for your classroom teacher and/or TA. Let's show Thurston's Teachers how special they are to us and how grateful we are for their dedication to educating our children!


    May 8th- Wednesday, May 8th, is Thank a Specials Area Teacher DayPlease bring a card, note, or small gift of appreciation to one of our Specials Area Teachers on this day. Some of these Teachers work with every single student at Thurston and often go unrecognized! Please choose a Teacher (or several) that you know works with your child to celebrate on May 8th!

    Orchestra Teacher - Mr. Smith 

    Library and Media Teachers- Ms. Burau and Ms. Eaddy

    Art Teacher- Ms. Wyse

    PE Teacher- Ms. Althouse

    Music Teacher- Ms. Rothfeld & Ms. Krohn

    Instrumental Music Teacher - Ms. Carpenter 

    Theater Teacher- Ms. Cook

    English/Second Language Teachers - Ms. Higgins, Ms. Elmeligi & Ms. Yuan

    Teacher Consultants- Ms. Operacz, Ms. McKeith-Shaker and Ms. Griffin

    Reading Intervention Teacher- Ms. Taylor

    Speech Language Pathologists- Ms. Rutan & Ms. Pusilo

    Physical Therapist- Ms. Kim Bonenberger

    PLTW Teacher- Ms. Manthey

    Social Worker- Mr. Andraska

    School Psychologist- Ms. Harris

    Occupational Therapists- Ms. Shelley and Ms. Russell

    Office Professionals- Ms Delp and Ms Polovick

    May 10th- Snack and Drink Cart for Teachers and Staff.  

    May 14th- The Bear Claw Coffee Truck is coming to Thurston from 11am-1pm to provide free coffee, tea, drinks, and pastries for Thurston's Teachers and Staff.  

    May 15th- Teachers and Staff will enjoy a catered lunch.  Thank you Thurston families for your read-a-thon donations, which are helping pay for this experience!

    Thurston PTO Seeking Candidates for Volunteer Board Officers!

    Dear Thurston Parents,

    The PTO is seeking new candidates to join the PTO Board next school year! Thank you so much to the people who have already expressed interest in these volunteer positions!  We are especially still looking to find candidates for the Co-Treasurer position and Communications (webmaster) position.  If you are good with numbers or website design and maintenance and want to get involved at Thurston next year, please submit your name on this form!

    The PTO has monthly meetings during the school year, hosts events for the school community, financially supports the school, teachers, and students.  These volunteer positions are flexible and reasonable time commitments for busy parents.  This is a great way to get involved at school and get to know and support the teachers, staff, and administration that are dedicated to the wellbeing and education of our children.  Filling out this form is not a commitment, we will reach out to you with more information and have an online election at the end of the month! 
    PTO Board Interest Form 2024-25 School Year

    Volunteer at Recess this Spring!

    Dear Thurston Families,

    We are looking for volunteers for the spring, starting today!  You can volunteer to come in any individual school day or a recurring day. This is a great opportunity to get outside and get involved at school! We are looking for noon-hour (lunch recess) volunteers who can help staff monitor children on the playground at recess. Recess at Thurston goes from approximately 11:12-12:48, you may come for part of it or all of it.  

    You can sign up on the Spring Volunteer Sign up SheetUse the top of the sheet to sign up for a recurring shift or scroll down to sign up for just one or two days. Please include your shift choice next to your name on the form. 

    Recess starts at 11:12 and goes until 12:48. There are 3 shift options.  
    Shift 0: the whole recess period
    Shift 1: 11:00-12:30
    Shift 2:11:20-1:00

    If you have trouble with the form, please email We greatly appreciate your support!

    When you arrive for your scheduled volunteer shift, please check in at the school office with your ID. Thank you so much for helping out at the school and have a great day!

    Room Parents Needed!

    Hello Thurston Families,

    Some of our teachers at Thurston have expressed a need for room parents.  If you are interested in volunteering to help your child's teacher with activity planning (think:  Halloween & holiday parties!), along with possible room donations and Sign Up Genius lists, please reply to this email with your name, the teacher you'd like to assist, and ways you would like to volunteer.  Mrs. Miller in kindergarten was especially excited to have some parents help in her room!


    Thurston Adopt-a-Teacher Program!

    Dear Thurston Parents,

    Last call!  As a follow up to our email from last week, our PTO is implementing a new program this year that will allow us to shower our Thurston teachers & staff with a little encouragement each month.  It's called our Adopt-a-Teacher Program!  Interested Thurston families will volunteer to adopt a randomly assigned (or specifically requested!) teacher/staff at our school.  Teachers & staff will fill out a small "my favorite things" form that will be given to their assigned Thurston family that they can use as a reference if they wish when planning a gift each month.  Gifts can be left with the front office staff to be placed in staff mailboxes.  This could be as simple as leaving a Diet Coke or pack of gum, writing an encouraging note, or larger ideas like providing lunch, etc.  It is totally up to each family as to what they would like to do to appreciate each staff member.  No teacher will have more than one family adopt them, but we hope to have every teacher/staff member adopted!

    Working in the schools can be difficult, and our hope is to help encourage our AMAZING Thurston teachers & staff each month with small reminders of how much we appreciate them and their efforts in educating our children.  If you would like to participate in this program, please fill out the link below.

    Effortless fundraising

    As we prepare for holiday season, consider signing up for Kroger 'Community Rewards' and Busch's 'Cash for Education' for your holiday meal planning and "Smile Amazon" for gift purchases.  Donations from these businesses help fund the many activities organized by the Thurston PTO.  You can sign up using the following links:

    Kroger Go to and click on the Community tab, then Community Rewards

    Busch's Log in to your MyWay account through and click the Cash for Education icon.

     Or, donate directly to the PTO:

    Click Here to Donate to the Thurston PTO

    Find out if your employer will match your donations: 

    Benevity Link to Learn More 

    Thank you for your support!



    Our first PTO meeting of the year is next Tuesday September 12th from 6-7pm in the school library, and we're very excited to be conducting a meeting in person for the first time since the pandemic started! You can check out the agenda here. Come and hear about our plans for the school year. Share your ideas, concerns, expertise and enthusiasm! If you haven't already, please consider joining one of our event committees this year. The PTO funds, organizes and enriches many of Thurston's programs and activities, and PTO depends on parents sharing a little of their time and support.

    Save the dates for all of our meetings this school year:

    September 12 (Add to Google Calendar) (iCal file) (Agenda)
    October 17 (Add to Google Calendar) (iCal file)
    November 21 (Add to Google Calendar) (iCal file)
    December 19 - Zoom meeting (Add to Google Calendar) (iCal file)
    January 16 - Zoom meeting (Add to Google Calendar) (iCal file)
    February 13 - Zoom meeting (Add to Google Calendar) (iCal file)
    March 19 (Add to Google Calendar) (iCal file)
    April 16 (Add to Google Calendar) (iCal file)
    May 21 (Add to Google Calendar) (iCal file)
    June 4 (Add to Google Calendar) (iCal file)


Welcome to the Thurston PTO

  • Thurston’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a group of parents, teachers, and staff with the common goal of providing a bridge between the school and community, as well as the initiation of school improvement efforts. The PTO is also responsible for planning school fundraisers and school-wide events. Each year, PTO provides funding for field trips, classroom supplies, extra-curricular programs and clubs, literacy resources, curriculum enhancements, building beautification, and much more. This would not be possible without the contributions and support of our Thurston Community.
    The PTO meets the third Tuesday of every month on Zoom to discuss relevant topics, goals, and the appropriation of funds. Everyone is welcome to attend.