Reimagine Learning Update October 23rd

  • AAPS Reimagine Learning Update
    October 23rd

    Hello AAPS Parents, Students, Staff and Community,

    As we wrap up this third week of October, we share a Superintendent Update highlighting our progress in the AAPS this fall, including a report on progress to ensure our school buildings are well-prepared for a return to in-school learning. 

    Safety Net and Supports for Students and Families

    The Ann Arbor Public Schools continues work to extend a safety net to students and families impacted by COVID-19, including food distribution, technology and connectivity and community health support. Food distribution continues at more than 20 sites on Mondays and Thursdays. Full details on the food distribution program are available here.

    COVID-19 Metrics Dashboard Update

    Our weekly update of the AAPS COVID-19 Metrics Dashboard was published today and can be viewed here.

    Physical Properties Update: Ensuring Our School Buildings Are Prepared for a COVID Informed Return to School

    Significant work has been in progress over previous months to prepare AAPS school buildings for the healthiest and safest return possible to in-school learning. Highlights of this work include attending to healthy water, indoor air quality and increasing touchless surfaces in restrooms. An informational update on this school facilities progress was shared at the Board of Education Study Session earlier this week, and you can view the video of the presentation here or review the slides here.

    Halloween Update from the City of Ann Arbor

    In response to recommendations from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control, the City of Ann Arbor encourages parents to celebrate Halloween safely at home. If you choose to celebrate the holiday outside of your home, the city is asking all residents to follow these safety tips as well as Washtenaw County Health local orders on social gatherings and events in Ann Arbor. 

    Thank you, AAPS community, for your commitment and hard work, your patience, understanding, and support of each of our students and of the Ann Arbor Public Schools. 


    Jeanice Kerr Swift
    Superintendent of Schools
    Ann Arbor Public Schools

2020-21 Program Offerings

  • The 2020-21 program offerings include:

    • A2 Classroom Connect (PK-12) - a classroom learning opportunity with quality AAPS teachers and staff, curricula and programs, connected to the student’s current AAPS school, that begins virtually. When it is safe, students will transition first to a hybrid schedule (some days virtual and some days in-person) and then potentially to full, in-person learning. At any time throughout this school year, students may access the Classroom Connect classroom virtually.
    • A2 Student Link (PK-12) – a classroom learning opportunity with quality AAPS teachers and staff, curricula and programs where students are a member of a virtual classroom linked to the student’s current AAPS school. Students enrolled in a Student Link classroom intend to remain fully virtual through at least the fall semester. 
    • A2 Virtual (Y5/K-12) – a self-paced, independent learning opportunity with regular connection to quality AAPS teachers where students complete their work in an independent setting; students complete coursework at their own pace, receive quality teacher feedback, guidance and assistance as needed.

    Connection+ Supports

    During the time of virtual learning and continuing throughout the 2020-21 school year, AAPS students with the greatest needs will be provided additional connections and wrap-around support in small group settings to ensure real-time student and family services are delivered. This network of small learning groups will support students in accessing their AAPS virtual learning classroom, and will occur virtually and/or in-person at in-neighborhood community locations, staffed by community partners and AAPS staff members, using a healthy and socially-distanced approach. Details will be dependent on COVID infection circumstances as we move through the 2020-21 school year.

    Specialized Services and Supports

    Supports and specialized services will be delivered to meet the learning needs of students, including special education needs detailed in an Individual Education Plan, English learners and other learning needs. This includes service provision, to the fullest extent possible, delivered by professional and highly-qualified staff members.

    Accelerated & Enrichment Learning Opportunities 

    Accelerated learning groups and classes are available for students including advanced placement, university dual enrollment and community resource classes. The AAPS will continue to offer a wide offering of world languages, visual and performing arts, STEAM and Project Lead the Way and environmental education courses.

    On Wednesdays and Saturdays, AAPS PK-8 students may choose from a variety of recreation opportunities, including virtual and in-person classes, recreational sports, yoga and fitness, creative enrichment - art, dance, and more. Visit for more information.

    Daily Social-Emotional and Mental Health Connections and Support for Every Student

    Continuing throughout the 2020-21 school year, all AAPS students will be situated and meet regularly in connection groups (previously known by several names across AAPS schools as Advisory, Forum, SkyTime, etc.).  These groups build connections, develop relationships and ensure social-emotional daily check-ins and supports are in place throughout the year.