• A2 Virtual+ Academy - Asynchronous*, Remote Learning Self-paced Option:

    The A2Virtual+ option is for students who are looking for a virtual class experience.  A2Virtual+ is adding to their already broad offerings the option of taking a full schedule of classes for both elementary (new and separate program) and middle school students taught by AAPS teachers this year.   Secondary students (grades 6-12) can take one virtual class up to a full-load of virtual classes.   Registration is now open for Middle and High School students.  Registration will open for Elementary students on August 20, 2020.


    What are the key characteristics/differences of A2Virtual?

    • Instructors with the appropriate certification are assigned to each course
    • Self-paced.  All curriculum is available to the student from the first day
    • The secondary AAPS online curriculum is aligned with the district curriculum map so that students can move back to the classroom in the building after any term
    • The student in elementary online classes will have met all the standards for the grade at the end of the year but there is a chance that the standards by semester may be out of alignment
    • Asynchronous learning.  There are no required synchronous teacher lectures or class discussions
    • It is highly recommended that early elementary students have adult support during the learning process
    • Teachers will offer two separate opportunities for office hours each week to facilitate learning and be available to help each student
    • There will be computer generated and graded summative assessments to help students gauge their understanding of the concepts throughout the course
    • Most assignments, projects, and assessments are hand-graded by the instructor
    • Secondary students have the ability to stagger course beginning and end dates within a term to help with the course workload

    Registrations for A2Virtual+ are located on our website and begin on August 20th, 2020.  Students in grades 6-12 can be enrolled in one of the other district programs and still be able to take up two online courses each term.  Elementary students are required to choose one option.  To complete enrolling your student, the parent will need to enroll on our webpage.  Complete the form, choose the appropriate grade that the student would be in for this year.

    An enrollment form will be sent to the emails entered during the registration process confirming we have received your request.   Students and parents will be sent another email (to the address used on the form) during the week of September 8, 2020, giving teacher contact information and directions on how to access the course.



    Check out our Q & A for answers to commonly asked questions.