• A2Virtual+ Online Learning Elementary Experience 


    A2Virtual+ is looking forward to sharing information about elementary courses and sharing samples of the content.  This should be available for families to view after the week of August 24, 2020.  Please check back.   Registration will open on August 20, 2020.

    The elementary program will be run by interim principal Mrs. Robin Kocher.   Her staff will be announced at a later date.

    During the 2020-2021 school year, parents of elementary students (young 5 - grade 5) will be able to register their child with A2Vrtual+ Academy for asynchronous remote learning.  Students in elementary school will be provided with a complete online curriculum that includes all the core subjects of math, language arts, reading, writing, science, and social studies as well as a variety of specials including art and physical education.  Teachers will also be addressing the social-emotional development of young students with weekly lessons.  The online curriculum is not prepared by AAPS but will be contracted with through a vendor similar to the secondary online program that is already developed in the district. 

    The online learning experience for young students has both advantages and some obstacles.  Parents should be prepared to be actively involved with their child's learning daily.  A parent or another responsible adult will monitor, work with, and at times help their child(ren) learn.  This is especially true for younger students who are still developing reading skills and independence as a learner.  However, if you are a parent who understands that learning will be remote this year and wants to have some control over the learning process with your child, this option may be right for you. The year-long curriculum will be presented at the beginning of the year along with the needed workbooks and supplies.  Students will be expected to stick to a weekly pace and specific weekly work requirements but you will be able to develop the schedule of learning.  Additionally, as a parent, you will be able to form your own community group, if desired, because the work in each grade is the same for all students.  This is an option for parents who embrace the role of being an educator for their child(ren).  Keep in mind that the lessons and activities that are required of the student are chosen by the district teacher much the same as the secondary online program has always been.  

    While the parent will be assuming a major role for the online elementary student there is still a teacher that will lead the instruction, be responsible for creating, issuing, and grading assignments.  The teacher that is assigned to each student will provide interaction with each student for the purpose of teaching, guiding, evaluating, and providing assistance throughout the term by email, phone, text, and weekly remote video conferencing office hours.  Parents who choose this option intend for their child to remain fully remote even as the State and District move through various stages of reopening.  Remaining in this option for the entire year is best as the pacing of the standards could be different from the A2 Student Link and A2 Classroom Connect classes on a day to day basis.  Students will receive all the standards necessary for the grade-level by the end of the year but due to the self-pacing aspect of online courses, the sequencing mid-year might not be aligned. 

    Students in Grade 5 who have been selected to participate in the Math Acceleration program will be able to continue in the program as a replacement for the math offered in the grade-level curriculum. (The application for Grade 5 Math Acceleration is closed for this year and will not be reopening.)  Students taking the A2Virtual+ option will be assigned a specific curriculum and only those who were accepted into the Math Acceleration program will be enrolled in a different but specific middle school curriculum for math.   Students will have access to book libraries and independent math enrichment and help programs, the same as students in the other options.  Due to the nature of online courses, students can work ahead of pace because time on task will move students more quickly.   However, we warn against this because students who finish the complete material for a specific grade WILL NOT be allowed to enroll in the next grade level during 2020-2021.  For example, if a student in grade 3 works diligently every day and sometimes beyond the regular school day because they enjoy learning and therefore completes all the assignments in every content area by the end of January, s/he will NOT be allowed to move to the fourth-grade curriculum.  In these instances, a student will be assigned extension work.  This option cannot be used to help students skip a grade.  Families who choose this option for elementary students have to participate in the entire curriculum.  Elementary students do not have the option of selecting only one or two subjects.  

    To complete the registration for the A2 Virtual+ Academy option for the 2020-2021 school year, the parent needs to enroll the student on our webpage.  Complete the form, choose the appropriate grade that the student would be in for this year.  Once the Google form is completed and submitted the registration is complete. 

    An enrollment form will be sent to the emails entered during the registration process confirming we have received your request.   Students and parents will be sent another email (to the address used on the form) during the week of September 8, 2020 giving teacher contact information and directions on how to access the course.