A2Virtual+ Middle School Courses

    Students in Middle School who wish to take classes with A2Virtual+ will need to complete the middle school registration form in the registration tab.   

    Students can choose to take one or two classes with A2Virtual+ Academy because they are looking for a class they can't get at their school.  This class will replace a course that the student would have otherwise taken with the other program.

    The student who makes the choice of A2Virtual+ full-time this year is still affiliated with his/her school building.  This includes participation in activities, clubs, athletics, etc. as they become available in the building.  The student should also be in contact with the assigned counselor if questions arise regarding class choices.  

    All content will be available in every grade (6-8) through A2Virtual+:  English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and electives including some choices of World Languages.   The student should register for the correct grade-level course.  For example, a 6th-grader will need to register for English 6, Social Studies 6, Science 6, and whatever math course they are next ready to take.  Most students who are beginning grade 6 this year will take Math 6.  However, some 7th-grade and 8th-grade students may be a higher-level course.  Next, the student will need to take 2 electives.  

    Students wishing to be a part of Band, Orchestra, and Choir will need to request these through the building.  A2Virtual+ does not have any music performance classes.

    Here is a chart of available electives from AAPS A2Virtual+ other electives can be reviewed online at micourses.org.

    Comprehensive PE.   X X
    Coding Fundamentals X X X
    Digital Art and Design X X X
    Introduction to Photography 1 X X X
    Exploring 2-D Art X X X
    Fitness Grade 6 X    
    Journalism 1   X X
    French 1 (HS) X X X
    French 2 (HS)   X X
    Spanish 1 (HS) X X X
    Spanish 2. (HS) X X X
      Additional Electives:
    Grades 6 7 8
    Biology A     X
    Earth Science A/HSSS   X X
    Forensic Science     X
    Oceanography X X X
    World History     X
    Non-Essential Electives which don't have a pre-requisite X X X
    Any HS Level World Lang X X X

    Middle School Math Acceleration Overview

    The list below is a sampling of courses that can be used to replace a middle school elective.  The list is not inclusive but just a sampling.  When choosing a high school level course for middle school students take into consideration both the maturity of the student and the additional workload that will come with the high school courses.  Students who take a high school course will be given a grade that will go on the high school transcript.   If a student does take a high school course as an elective, we highly recommend that the student only try one course first and fulfill the other elective with a middle school appropriate course.

    • High School Science Prerequisites
      • Biology A = students need to have completed 7th Grade Science
      • Earth Science A/HSS = students need to have completed 6th Grade Science
      • Chem 1 and Physics 1 = students need to have completed 8th Grade Science
      • Forensic Science can be taken by mature students
      • Oceanography or any elective science without a pre-requisite can be taken (micourses.org for options) 
    • High School Social Studies Prerequisites
      • World History - Social Studies 6 and 7 need to be completed
      • Elective social studies classes can be taken by students mature enough to handle some of the content material
    • High School English Electives
      • Students must complete all coursework through and including grade 8
      • Some High School English electives can be taken that do not have a prerequisite
    • High School Electives
      • Any high school non-essential elective (does not specifically meet a graduation requirement) that does not have a pre-requisite can be taken. (ie. some computer classes, Criminology, Archaeology, etc. electives can be found on micourses.org)
    • High School Personal Fitness and High School Health
      • Both of these courses CANNOT be taken in middle school.  The earliest that the courses can be taken is during the summer term between grade 8 and grade 9.
    • High School level World Languages
      • Any high school World Language can be taken by a Middle School student. Review the middle school option page that describes the difference between a middle school and high school language experience.  Students who are in 6th or 7th grade or just beginning a language in grade 8 should start with the first level.  If the child has lived in a bi-lingual environment that included reading and writing, s/he can start at level 2.

    To register visit our registration tab.  

    After completing the registration an enrollment form will be sent to the emails entered during the registration process confirming we have received your request.  Courses will be available in Schoology at the start of the term. 

    Here is a link to our Parent/Guardian/Student handbook.