• A2 Virtual+ Academy has been offering quality, rigorous classes for high school students since 2000. Students can take a full schedule online or combine one or more A2 Virtual+ Academy classes with classes taken in the building. Students can also take A2Virtual+ courses as a 7th-hour option.   To register, visit our registration tab.  

    After completing the registration an enrollment form will be sent to the emails entered during the registration process confirming we have received your request.  Students and parents will be sent another email (to the address used on the form) during the weekend preceding the start of school, giving the teacher contact information and directions on how to access the course.

    As a rule of thumb, we suggest that a high school level course will take the student 100 hours to complete.  This requires the student to develop and keep to a schedule so as to not procrastinate and leave work for the end of the term.  It is not easy to catch up if a student falls behind.  If you are a student who needs to be told what work you should do each week, we recommend that you take all or at least the majority of your courses in the building. 

    Asynchronous courses require students to learn independently.  The entire course material along with a suggested pacing guide with suggested weekly work schedules are provided to each student.  The majority of our classes do not impose a penalty for late work but some classes do have a penalty, especially Advanced Placement.  Students should read course expectations during the first couple of days and complete the virtual orientation to assure success in the course.  Teachers provide support through scheduled office hours and by appointment.  

    A couple of reminders for returning students and notices for those who have not taken one of our classes before.  We do not offer every course that is available in high schools.  A student involved with music or the arts should look at a hybrid model if selecting A2Virtual+ as the option.  This is also true for students wishing to enroll in "AC" classes.  A2Virtual+ does have a full complement of AP (Advanced Placement/College level) courses but we do not offer any classes with the designation of "AC".  A2Virtual+ does not have any International Baccalaureate (IB) courses either.  Students from Huron HS in the IB program should contact their counselor for the best option.  A2 Virtual+courses is to replace courses that they would otherwise be taking in the building unless the student takes an A2 Virtual+ course as a 7th-hour option.  We recommend that a full-time online student take a maximum of six (6) online classes per semester or five (5) online classes per trimester.  

    Students will be required to have at least one assignment for each course proctored each term. This means that students must come to their school building to complete the assignment under the supervision of an A2 Virtual+ staff member.