•  Math Acceleration Enrollment Request


    Students that are currently enrolled in grades 5th - 8th that plan to complete their current A2 Virtual+ Math course, need to complete this form prior to starting the next course.

    Last Day to be enrolled in the next course: April 16, 2021. 

    The completion of the form below is a formal acknowledgment of the agreements listed below:

    1. All coursework will be completed by June 10, 2021.   Students must complete the entire course otherwise the assignments not completed will receive a grade of “0”.
    2. An extension will not be granted for coursework and/or tests if it is not completed by June 10, 2021.
    3. A final grade will be earned in the course and recorded based on the material submitted as of June 10, 2021.  A poor or failing final grade will necessitate the student retaking the course in the fall.
    4. The student will work at a pace to have all work, projects, and discussions completed no later than May 28, 2021, to leave time to take the final two tests and work on the project and finish by June 10, 2021.
    5. Students will continue to participate in the Wednesday, Weekly Check-in Assignment.
    6. Students who successfully complete the course before June 10, 2021, per guidelines, will be placed in a math enrichment program until the end of the year.

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