AAPS Fall 2020 School Information

    • A Guide for Parents/Guardians and Students

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    Wednesday, August 26, 2020

    Hello AAPS Parents, Students, Staff and Community, 

    I hope that you are well today; we appreciate your patience and support during a busy summer of work and preparation for the start of this unique school year. We are reaching out today to share general information to assist you as we prepare for this 2020-21 school year. 

    Over the coming days, you will also be receiving more detailed, school-specific information from your principal at your school(s). 

    Fall School Schedule
    For your planning, we have shared the 2020-21 school year calendar and sample daily schedules for each school level. 

    During the week of August 31st - September 3rd, we will support our students and families in completing preparations for the virtual teaching and learning launch of this school year. 

    On Tuesday, September 8th, we look forward to beginning our school year together with a first week focused on community building and student orientation to our online learning system, Schoology. During this September 8th week, virtual school days will be shortened - the daily schedule for the first week is here - to allow time to build capacity together and to support everyone in acclimating smoothly to the AAPS virtual learning environment. 

    Our teachers look forward to connecting with students, orienting students and families to the virtual classroom and building familiarity in the Schoology system throughout this first week, ensuring that each student is ready to begin full instruction in content areas on Monday, September 14th

    During the Preparation Week of August 31st, we will support families in the following areas: 

    1. Distribution of Technology Devices
      We have refurbished and newly purchased devices available for all students.  All devices are preconfigured with the learning platform, learning applications, access to the academic reading library and a full digital library customized for each level.

      We will be issuing technology during this preparation week via a drive-through distribution, and we ask that each school-aged child have a district-issued device: iPad for Y5, K and 1st and Chromebooks for 2nd - 12th.

      We have designed a schedule for technology distribution with flexible hours to serve our families, and we will be working to distribute at four district locations next week. More information about the schedule for technology distribution is here. If parents are unable to pick up technology devices during this week, we will continue to support students and families to ensure that every child receives a learning device.

      For questions about devices, please email family_techsupport@aaps.k12.mi.us

    2. Parent and Student Orientation Learning Session - Schoology Learning Platform
      It is important for parents to become familiar with the new AAPS learning platform, Schoology, and we have prepared a short video overview for parents here.

      Every AAPS student and family will be invited to attend a virtual “Meet and Greet” during the week of August 31st.  There, students and families will learn how to attend school and how to access classes to begin virtual school on September 8th.

      During the week of September 8th, AAPS ‘Home Base’ teachers will carefully guide students and families to engage in a full Schoology orientation, directly supporting them in navigating their online learning environment.  Students will begin attending all classes on September 14th, feeling prepared and ready to learn.

      Questions and live technical support is available, 7:30am to 5:00pm at the AAPS Parent Help Desk, 734-997-1222

    3. Complete Free & Reduced Lunch Applications (as needed)
      Free and Reduced Lunch Applications are available now! You can apply online or request a hard copy of the application to be mailed to you. Applications will also be distributed with technology pick-up and are available in six languages.

      If your student(s) was approved for Free or Reduced Lunch last year (2019-2020), that application is only good for only 30 days after the first day of school.

      AAPS will continue to serve breakfast and lunch at the distribution locations as long as school is remote. More information will be shared with parents soon regarding the food distribution days, locations and times. A few of these locations will offer late afternoon food pick-ups as well.

      Parents with any questions or who need a Free and Reduced Lunch application mailed to them, please email foodservice@aaps.k12.mi.us or call food service at 734-994-2265.

    4. Immunizations and Health
      It is critical for the health and safety of all to maintain an up-to-date immunization schedule for children, particularly during this COVID pandemic.

      By state law, entering preschoolers, Young 5s, Kinders, 7th graders and new students of any grade must provide updated immunization records prior to the start of school or obtain a waiver from their local health department.

      More information on immunization requirements and resources is available here.

      Visit the AAPS School Nurse Care Corner websites for Elementary Families and Middle and High School Families for more information and to get in touch with your school’s nurse.

    5. Supports for Students with Additional Learning Needs
      We are striving to implement each and every student IEP in this online environment. AAPS case managers will be reaching out to make introductions and connect with families during the week of September 8th.

      As is customary every year, families of students receiving English Learner and other learning supports will also receive contact during these first days of the school year to ensure action plans for support are in place.

    6. School Library, Textbooks, Supplies and Materials
      Digital Library - Learning tools and reading materials will be fully accessible online to students in the Schoology learning platform and through other applications and software on student devices. Over the coming weeks, all students will have access to a fully equipped digital library available for class and enrichment reading with checkout 24/7.

      Textbooks, Supplies and Materials - Following the opening of the school year, and through the fall, we will be coordinating the distribution of textbooks, school supplies and materials to support and extend learning. We will share more detailed information on this step after the school year has started when all students are settled into their class schedules.

    7. Preparation Week: School Meet and Greet Events
      You will receive more information directly from your principal with details about Virtual Meet and Greet events. These will be especially important this year to ensure a smooth first day of school, and we look forward to seeing you there.

      As is customary, additional back-to-school events are being planned during September and October at our AAPS schools, and your school principal will provide more information as we move through this fall season.

    8. Follow Up Questions - ‘Front Door’ Email Contacts for AAPS Schools
      If you should have questions during this time of preparing for the launch of this school year, please reach out directly to your school team using the school outreach email address.

      Members of our AAPS team are standing by to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

    9. Community Resources

    Thank you for your understanding and support as we navigate this virtual back-to-classroom time during this COVID pandemic. We are excited to welcome our students to this 2020-21 school year on September 8th, and we will continue to be focused on our diligent work to support our students, parents and families during this fall.

    We will continue to work together, across our Ann Arbor community. We will ensure this is a school year of connection and care, a year to come together as a community, continuing quality learning and growth for each of our students and moving forward #A2gether in the Ann Arbor Public Schools. We are here to serve you. 


    Jeanice Kerr Swift
    Superintendent of Schools 
    Ann Arbor Public Schools