• With the recognition that the COVID-19 pandemic is creating inequitable circumstances for students to pursue their coursework and demonstrate their learning, we are creating a modified version of the traditional grading scale. Our hope is that this change will help to support the well-being and success of learners, maintain the academic integrity of our programs, and stay true to our values. For the semester and quarter grades during the 2020-2021 school year, high schools and middle schools will use a modified version of the traditional grading scale. Students who earn a D+, D, or D- grade for the quarter grade (MS) will receive an S (credit) for middle school courses. A middle school student who earns an E grade will receive an NM (no mark). For complete details and FAQs, please click HERE.


    A2 Virtual+ courses will be flexible with grading and withdrawing from courses, as well. A student must have a minimum of 60% in the course to earn a G grade. A student may request a 2-week extension on the semester so long as they are at a minimum of 45% in the course. The deadline to request an extension is January 15, 2021. It is important to note that there are NO extensions for Michigan Virtual courses. A student may withdraw from a first-semester course up to December 17, 2020. All grading and withdrawal decisions must be approved by A2V administration, Cindy Leaman (leamanc@aaps.k12.mi.us). A parent/guardian/student should contact the A2V+ counselor Mr. Loeb, MS counselor for A2V+ (loeb@aaps.k12.mi.us).

    Students in Math Acceleration (Grades 5-8)

    Extensions are NOT allowed for the 5th-Grade students in their first math course of the year, Math 6A.  Fifth-grade students who do not complete Math 6A by January 28, 2021, will need to meet with Cindy Leaman to discuss moving back to A2 Classroom Connect. This is a requirement that was stated in the contract which parents signed at the beginning of the year.   Your child’s current math teacher should be contacted if you have questions about your child’s pacing or progress. Students who have begun any additional coursework beyond Math 6A will NOT need an extension as the teacher will manage the transitions between terms.  All questions should be directed to the current math instructor.


    Middle School students taking a high school course will be held the pandemic grade changes for high school students which can be found under the high school tab.