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    AAPS Excellence in Virtual Instruction Award 
    sponsored by Google

    Recognize an Exceptional Teacher
    We know this has been an extremely tough year for educators. Even during this challenging time, AAPS staff have been doing incredible work to support the success of all students.

    AAPS would like to recognize outstanding educators with the The AAPS Excellence in Virtual Instruction Award, sponsored by Google. 

    The AAPS Excellence in Virtual Instruction Award will allow AAPS to spotlight exceptional educators in the AAPS Community. 

    In addition, we will select 3 educators at random from all those nominated to receive one of 3 $500 classroom grants, provided by Google Ann Arbor. All qualified nominees will receive special recognition on the a2schools.org website.

    Now Accepting Nominations
    Any AAPS staff, student, parent or community member may nominate any AAPS staff person for this award. 

    Anyone recommending an AAPS staff person for this award should be able to provide examples of the AAPS staff person exhibiting all of the following traits during the 2020-2021 school year: Engaging, Inclusive, Approproachable, Empathetic, a Leader, Positive Attitude.

    Three AAPS staff will be selected at random from all eligible nominees to receive $500 to use to enhance their  instruction.

    Nominate an educator today by completing the application form.

    Deadline for Nominations
    Nominations are due Tuesday, February 16th at 5pm

    Questions? Please email partners@a2schools.org 

    Trait Descriptions 

    Candidates who exhibit each trait below will receive recognition and be entered to win one of 3 $500 grants.

    When you nominate a candidate, you must be able to provide an example for each of these traits:

    Examples of this criteria include:
    --Finds creative ways to engage students.
    --Demonstrative innovation in teaching to engage students.

    Examples of this Criteria include:
    --Demonstrates high expectations for all students.
    --Uses UDL (Universal Design for Learning) SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocols) and CRT (Culturally Responsive) to support all students in the classroom.
    --Demonstrates Anti-Racist teaching practices.
    --Ensures all students succeed.

    --Examples of this criteria include:
    --Demonstrates caring for all students.
    --Friendly and approachable with students, families and staff

    --Examples of this criteria include
    --A Whole Child approach to students
    --Relationship-focused towards students, staff or families

    A Leader
    --Examples of this criteria include
    --A Mentor to teachers and/or students
    --Demonstrates collaboration with staff, students or families.
    --Is a Team Player

    Positive Attitude
    --Examples of this criteria include
    --Is Inspiring to students, staff or families.
    --Is passionate.
    --Shows dedication to students, staff or families
    --Is driven.

    Please Note: All examples must be from this current (2020-2021 school year). Candidates will only be eligible if there is at least one example for each trait.

    AAPS Excellence in Virtual Instruction Nomination Form