• Clague Attendance Line: 734-994-1982

    Attendance and Punctuality:     

    To ensure student success and continuity in reaching the
    learning targets, we will need your support to make sure
    students are consistently present and on time for class. We
    understand that sometimes absences and tardies are

    Parents please call the attendance line and report/excuse
    student absences. Leave a message to report students
    absence/tardy before 9:00 am on the day of absence.

     Absences During the Day:

    When a student is going to be absent for any reason, the parent
    or guardian is requested to call the Blue House Office as early
    as possible. When a student returns to school, he/she/they
    immediately goes to the Blue House Office and receives an
    Admit to Class Pass. Each hour, the teacher will check for an
    Admit slip if the student was not excused on the Daily
    Attendance List (DAL). Teachers should check the DAL each
    day to record excused absences. Students are allowed to make
    up their work when they have an excused absence.