• If/When Parents Have Concerns

    If you have concerns about a discipline or academic problem, its resolution should first be expressed or questioned at the point where the problem occurred. A discipline or academic problem involving a student in a particular class should be brought to the attention of the teacher of that class. If this step does not bring satisfaction, consult the student's counselor, assistant principal, or principal.

    Parent Supports 

    Student ID Cards

    A new requirement for student ID cards in grades 6-12 this year with a deadline effective Oct 15, 2021.
    Students will have the phone number to a suicide prevention hotline printed on the back of their student ID
    card. Here is the direct link with more details to the new requirements (Oct 15th deadline) regarding Student ID cards.

    Clague Counseling Website
    To view the plethora of information and resources available to students and parents, visit our Clague Counseling Department's Webpage HERE.

    Community Resources for Students and Families
    Looking for support or assistance with food, housing,health care and more?