• Please find links to communication and instructions about the May 2023 session of IB DP and CP Examinations.

    May 2023 Huron High School IB DP and AP Testing Schedule (updated 4-25-2022)

    Registering for IB DP Examinations:  

    • Students and families enrolled in DP courses that are eligible to test in May 2023 received an email on October 3rd with instructions.  
    • Please contact your DP class teacher or Ms. James with questions.

    May Exams: 

    Communication to students and families - April 2023  (Includes Huron's IB Testing Calendar)

    Here are some highlights:
    • Know the details of your class exam - ask your teacher!
    • Know your location and report time for each exam - many have 2 or even 3!
    • Know if you need to arrange transportation home - a few exams run past the end of the school day.
    • Know what to bring/not bring to the exam space.
    • Know how to get your IB course results in July!
    • Know how to request results to be sent to your college - by May 1st!
    • Know what to do if an emergency arises.

    Form for testing students to complete by May 1st

    Video:  Instructions to Students

    IB Answer Booklet Guide

    Video:  Getting your IB Results

    • Reminder - each student was shared an Individual PIN report and asked to take a picture of the document and sent to their personal email for future reference!