• September 25, 2022


    Dear Angell Families,

    Last Thursday’s school picnic was a delight!  I relish the opportunity to meet families and see families interact with one another.  It feels so wonderful to have in-person events and I appreciate our PTO’s efforts to strengthen our community and sense of belonging. 



    We are in need of extra lunchtime supervisors/helpers.  We need adults who want to want to volunteer on a regular basis (e.g. every Friday).  Additionally, we want to hire folks who can work 3-5 days a week from approximately 11:30AM - 1:30PM.   Please email fenechm@a2schools.or if you are interested in volunteering or coming on staff as a supervisor.  



    Every couple of weeks we’ll host a “fun Friday” spirit day.  This Friday, September 30th will be a pajama day!  Note: I do not recommend pajamas with footies. 



    If you haven’t heard yet, we have a pawsitively awesome plan for our biannual fall walk-a-thon.  Information and pledge forms will come home in backpacks later this week.  


    - If your child does not want to celebrate Halloween on Monday, October 31st when we host a schoolwide parade, please let me know.  I am happy to sensitively plan another activity for your child.  

    - Want to donate an old costume to a fellow Angell family?   We invite you to bring gently used costumes to Angell.  

    - If your family is already shopping for Halloween costumes, please avoid costumes with weapons, gore, and scary accessories. 



    From time to time, I’ll share local events that encourage inclusivity and/or offer children opportunities for extended learning.  

    • JFS’  Walk a Mile event, October 9th - Flyer 

    • Kelsey Museum, free event, October 16th - Flyer 




    9/26 & 9/27 -  ***Rosh Hashanah

    10/5 -  ***Yom Kippur 

    10/12 - Fall Walk-A-Thon!  (Details about this annual event will come from the PTO)

    10/18 - School Picture Day 

    10/21 - PTO sponsored Outdoor Movie Night 

    10/28 - PTO sponsored Dance

    10/31 - Halloween Parade (Appr. 2:30-3:30PM)



    September 18, 2022

    Good afternoon Angell Families,

    We did it!  Our students and staff completed the first full week of the 22-23 school year.  It was a busy week as we hosted Curriculum Night, started NWEA testing, and increased academic rigor.  Thank you to the parents who joined us at Thursday’s PTO meeting and offered to help orchestra our many PTO-sponsored events.  These events are wonderfully engaging, enriching, and memorable!  Even though the weather might be blustery, I hope for a good turnout at this Thursday’s PTO-sponsored picnic.  Lastly, thank you to the families who have dropped off snacks to fuel our kids and coffee/chocolate to fuel our staff.  These contributions are greatly appreciated and help us all feel a sense of belonging and love from this remarkable school community.   



    Please practice a safe and speedy dropoff.  Have little ones practice taking off their seatbelt and departing the car with safe expediency.  Let's all work together to reduce back-ups along Washtenaw Ave. 



    If you use the pick-up loop after school, please remind your child to be ready and waiting for your arrival.  Pick-up is delayed when we have to find kids who’ve wandered to the playground. 


    - If your family does not want to celebrate Halloween on Monday, October 31st when we host a schoolwide parade, please let me know.  I am happy to sensitively plan an other activity for your child.  

    - Want to donate an old costume to a fellow Angell family?   We invite you to bring gently used costumes to our Fall Picnic!  We’ll collect costumes, oragnize them, and them have them available for “shopping” at a future date.  (Somewhat related, if you have gently used winter gear, please hold onto it for a few more weeks.  We’ll host a similar winter gear exchange for families who might want to trade up to a new size. We also have families with lesser means that we’ll help outfit with cold-weather gear.)

    - If your family is already shopping for Halloween costumes, please keep weapons, gore, and scary accessories at home. 



    Do you know anyone who loves kids and wants a full-time job?  We need to hire 1-2 teaching assistants to work with kids in grades K-2.  Special education experience is not required.  We are seeking adults (with 60+ college credit hours) who enjoy working with small groups of kids, and are available M-F, 8:45 AM - 3:48 PM.  For more information, please email me at fenechm@a2schools.org To apply, go HERE



    Classroom teachers will contact families directly with options to sign up for fall Parent/caregiver-Teacher conferences.  We are happy to offer in-person and Zoom conferences, and we expect 100% of our families to sign up for conferences. We value your partnership! 



    9/20 - Early release, dismissal for ALL students @ 1:18PM 

    9/22 - Fall Picnic for Angell Community, 6-8PM (Please see the email sent by the PTO)

    9/26 & 9/27   ***Rosh Hashanah

    10/5  ***Yom Kippur 

    10/12 - Fall Walk-A-Thon!  (Details about this annual event will come from the PTO)

    10/18 - School Picture Day 

    10/21 - PTO sponsored Outdoor Movie Night 

    10/28 - PTO sponsored Dance

    10/31 - Halloween Parade (Appr. 2:30-3:30PM)

    September 11, 2022



    We will be hosting Curriculum Night this Tuesday, September 13th, from 6:00-7:30 PM.   During the evening, you will see your child’s classroom while hearing about the curriculum your child will be taught this year.   The layout of the evening will look as follows:

    • 6:00 - 6:25 PM  - Classroom Teacher presentations

    • 6:30 - 6:55PM -  Repeat Classroom Teacher presentations for families' convenience 

    • 7:00 - 7:30PM - Principal & PTO session, New Life Church 

    Support staff will be on hand to help families find their child’s classroom.  Please join us in two days!  (If you aren’t able to attend this Tuesday, staff will email their presentations to families.  Also, we look forward to scheduling parent-teacher conferences with ALL families in mid-late October.   Our partnerships with families are very valuable and much appreciated!)


    Staff are in the process of organizing volunteer needs and invitations.  We are excited to have parents/caregivers back in the building soon!  If you have a desire to volunteer during lunchtime, on a regular basis, please email Ms. Lynn Gary at garym@aaps.k12.mi.us to share your availability and interest (i.e. lunchroom or outdoor supervision.)  



    Because life happens, kids don’t always show up with daily snacks.  And some days (e.g. Mondays and PE days) kids are just hungrier than others.  If you can donate nut-free snacks like applesauce, popcorn, fruit leather, goldfish, pretzels, etc. to the office, we’ll happily house a stash for kids in need.  



    On a far more trivial note, if you have an urge to purchase chocolate, or get it out of your house, the office will gladly take chocolate donations to resupply our candy stash for staff.  (Nuts are okay.)   While our staff is energized by our love for children, we are partially fueled by chocolate and caffeine.  ;) 



    Got a green thumb or too many house plants to manage? Angell is collecting house plants to help purify our air, green our space, and bring life into this 99-year-old building.  If you’d like to repurpose, purchase, or split an easy to care for indoor plant, we’ll happily find plants a home in our library or stairwells.  Our kids on Green Crew will help water the plants weekly



    Thanks to the facilitation of Ms. Lee, 5th grade teacher, our 5th-grade Safety Patrol will start their posts this week!  Please offer suggestions if you see ways we can work together to keep our kids safe. 



    While we are still getting settled into the normal routines and rhythms of school, we are in the process of planning a K-2 and gr. 3-5 Green Crew and a Student Council.  More to come on ways that we’ll engage your children in leadership roles and encourage hands-on learning.



    One “club” we offer that does not require teacher leadership or a student application process, is the lunchtime Walking Club.  Following in the footsteps of Mr. Gary Court, I am hosting a lunchtime walking club for kids of all ages.  On the days that I am able, I simply keep track of the laps kids take around the school.  Five laps around the building allows students to earn one plastic foot charm.  I’ve hosted this already 2-3 times ans it’s amazing to see how engaging (and healthy) it is for kids!



    9/20 - Early release day, dismissal for all students  @ 1:18PM 

    9/22 - Fall Picnic for Angell Community, 6-8PM (Please see the email sent by the PTO)

    9/26 & 9/27  Rosh Hashanah

    10/12 - Fall Walk-A-Thon!  (Details about this annual event will come from the PTO)

    10/18 - School Picture Day 

    10/21 - PTO sponsored Outdoor Movie Night 

    10/28 - PTO sponsored Dance

    10/31 - Halloween Parade (Appr. 2:30-3:30PM)


    REMINDERS FROM THE PTO (At this juncture the PTO will send a separate email every Tuesday but here are some important reminders.  We invite feedback if you’d prefer one combined weekly email.)

    PTO Membership Survey: Every parent or guardian of an Angell student is automatically a member of the PTO. The Angell PTO's mission is to build a sense of support, pride, and enthusiasm, while encouraging parent and staff involvement in service of our children's education. What we accomplish in a school year requires participation from every family. That will look different for every family and that's ok! This might be setting up tables for our Book Fair, serving as Room Parent for your child's classroom, or chairing the Talent Show. If you haven’t already done so, please complete our Engagement Survey to select how you’d like to get involved this year.


    PTO MEETING THIS THURSDAY MORNING:  This Thursday we’ll host our first PTO meeting!   PTO meetings are open to ALL parents/caregivers. We’ll meet at the University Lutheran Chapel (ULC) located at 1511 Washtenaw Ave.  The Angell and ULC parking lots are connected by a small set of stairs.  Please note that, from Washtenaw Avenue, ULC is to the left of the school entrance (not to be confused with New Life Church, which is to the right of the school).  The community room is at the rear of the chapel and can be found by either entering through the main chapel doors or via the Common Cup Cafe (walk to the back of the coffeehouse and up the stairs on the right). We will cover upcoming event information and our treasurer’s report.  We welcome new ideas, perspectives, and assistance. 

    Family Contributions and Fundraising: Each year our PTO spends tens of thousands of dollars to provide enrichment opportunities including field trips, supplies, special projects like updating our school library, staff appreciation gifts, and events like our annual International Celebration. This school year, we anticipate spending $125 per student.  We invite every family to contribute what they can toward these costs by making a tax-deductible 'Family Contribution' to our PTO. If you can afford a gift of $125 per student in your household (or more!), that would go a long way toward covering our annual expenses. To make your family’s contribution please complete this Contribution Form. If you have questions about fees/suggested amounts, or to make a payment plan, please email your PTO treasurer.




    September 5, 2022

    Dear Angell Families, 

    Staff, students, and families have all commented that last week was a smooth start at Angell.  Thank you for your role in launching this great year!  It was wonderful to celebrate the end of our first week with an assembly Thursday morning.  At the assembly we sang and signed a welcome song, introduced all staff, and set the tone for an inclusive, supportive, and celebratory school year.  Angell is celebrating its 100th school year!!  More to come on how the entire community can help us honor this incredible milestone. 

    As we round the corner to a more typical week of school, I invite you to talk to your child about the power of “yet".   As academic expectations increase, as specials classes bring new challenges, and as we all encounter new situations, please remind your child that struggles are an opportunity to grow and preserve.  When you hear your child, or yourself,  using the word “cannot”, simply add the word “yet” to the end of the statement.  For example, “I cannot tie my shoes…..yet”, or “I cannot play an instrument….yet”.   Video clip for adults: www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-swZaKN2Ic  Video clip for lower elementary kids: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLeUvZvuvAs  

    If we have not met, yet, please introduce yourself at arrival or dismissal.  I have a lot of names to learn so I thank you in advance for granting me grace in meeting everyone and memorizing names.  

    Warm regards,

    Meg Fenech, Principal 



    We do not have outdoor supervision for students until 8:40AM.  Please do not drop your child off to school unattended before this time. We do have breakfast service that begins at 8:30AM. Your child can come to the front OR side entrance and ring the bell at that time to come in for breakfast.



    AAPS Bus Tracker has been disabled. AAPS will introduce a new family bus tracking system soon! We apologize for the inconvenience. 



    If your child tests positive for COVID-19, you must fill out this formThis will alert the AAPS nursing team who will follow up with your family to determine the return to school date and answer any of your questions. Here also is a “What to do if you test positive” one-pager with more information. 



    Please apply for the Free and Reduced Lunch program. It's easy and can be done from your cell phone. AAPS Free & Reduced Lunch Application Link



    Parents/caregivers must be the one to bring their child’s medication to the office for check-in.  This is a district policy.  



    Soon, you can expect our 5th grade student leaders and Safety Patrol to help with safe arrival and dismissal.  We’ll get the orange flags back along Oxford this week



    Gone are the days when kids had to pick up corded phoned and dial all phone numbers from memory.  That said, ALL students should memorize 1-2 emergency numbers.  Please ensure your child has emergency contact info stored in their brain or backpack. (Rest assured, we have all contact info in the office but it’s an important life skill to know emergency numbers.) 


    Just a friendly reminder to email us at Ang_attendance@a2schools.org if your child is going to be absent.  Please include your child’s name, grade, teacher, and reason for absence. Thank you!



    Adorning our main hallway, we proudly display the flags of countries from where our families originate.  If we are missing your family’s country or origin or affinity, you are invited to donate a flag (2.5’’x4’) or simply email me and I’ll get one ordered. 



    We will be hosting Curriculum Night IN PERSON on Tuesday, September 13th from 6:00-7:30 PM.   During the evening, you will see your child’s classroom and learning space while hearing about the curriculum your child will be taught this year.   The layout of the evening will look as follows:

    • 6:00-6:25 PM  - Classroom Teacher presentations

    • 6:30-6:55PM -  Repeat of Classroom Teacher presentations for families' convenience

    • 7:00-7:30PM - Principal’s session and staff introductions, New Life Church 

    Please join us!



    9/13  - Curriculum Night, 6PM

    9/15 - PTO meeting, 9AM (Common Cup Cafe) 

    9/20 - Early release day, dismissal @ 1:18PM 

    9/22 - Fall Picnic for Angell Community, 6PM

    10/18 - School Picture Day!


    Aug 28, 2022


    In less than 20 hours, our staff will be stationed around Angell to warmly welcome your child to the 2022-23 school year.  Please reassure your child that any feeling they are experiencing is valid and likely to be quite commonplace.  I recommend teaching kids that the feeling of anxiety is physiologically almost the same as the feeling of excitement. Both feelings produce an elevated heart rate and a feeling of butterflies in your stomach.  Ask your child to reframe any anxious feelings as excitement about the unknown opportunities and fun they will experience at school.  We are here to nurture and support them academically and emotionally. 


    Thank you to the many folks who were able to join us last Wednesday at the meet & greet.  I look forward to meeting additional families tomorrow and throughout the coming months.  I am grateful to be a member of this diverse and supportive school community. 



    Meg Fenech, Principal 




    Ideally, we would like to have parents say goodbye to their children without coming into the building.  Coming into the building can make separation harder for kids because it blurs the line of where and when goodbyes happen.  Having a lot of extra adults in the school can actually make arrival feel and sound overwhelming. Please prep your child today for drop-off.  Staying with your child as they line up outside their assigned door is a great compromise!  All week Y5/K-3 teachers will warmly greet their students at their assigned door.  Gr. 4-5 teachers will meet kids at the outdoor doors for at least two days.  (After that, upper elementary students tend to prefer the autonomy.)  We also have staff stationed along South University to greet kids off the bus and help them get to their assigned arrival door. 



    THE PTO will host our annual parent coffee & connection event tomorrow. We’ll meet outside near the basketball court for coffee, snacks, and casual conversation from 8:45-9:45 AM.  Our lovely PTO will be there to greet folks, answer inquiries, and recruit parents into upcoming volunteer opportunities.  


    Our school bus partner, Durham School Services has provided an application, Bus Tracker, that will allow parents and guardians to view the location of their child(ren)’s bus in real time in relation to their assigned bus stop. For more information, to sign-up and create your secure login, or to use the application on your smartphone or web browser, please go to: www.durhamschoolservices.com/durham-bus-tracker



    If your child has any medical needs, please read this letter carefully. Letter for incoming students with medical needs




    Please take some time to read the Need-To-Know document , and then bookmark it for future reference.


    It is imperative that every family completes this pick-up/dismissal form NOW if you haven’t already done so.



    All enrollment documents must be received by August 29th.  Our office staff, Ms. Durham and Mr. Reid, have reached out directly to families who still have outstanding documents.


    If your family qualifies, go to  https://annarbor.familyportal.cloud/   Choose Guest. From there, choose Application.  OR, printable applications can be found HERE if you would like to fill one out and send it with your child to school.  We also have have paper copies in the office. 


    FALL COVID GUIDANCE  (Shared Friday in Dr. Swift’s email)

    The district COVID and Health Guidance page has been updated with fall guidance, the August 23 community webinar recording and slide show, FAQs, the daily symptom checker and a new one-pager on What to Do If You Test Positive. Student and parent/family volunteer COVID cases must be reported to AAPS if the individual was on campus within 48 hours of their symptoms starting or testing positive (if no symptoms). Beginning Monday morning, there are new COVID report forms for families to use when reporting their student’s case and for staff/volunteers:  Student Report Form: bit.ly/StudentCOVIDCase22-23



    8/29 - First day of school (8:45 AM-3:48 PM) & welcome back coffee for parents 

    9/2 - No school

    9/5 - No school

    9/13  - Curriculum Night

    9/15 - PTO meeting, 9 AM

    10/18 - School Picture Day!


    August 21, 2022


    Good evening Angell Families,


    Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!  I am excited to welcome all staff to the building tomorrow, in addition to hosting an orientation for our Kindergarten students.  This week our staff is rather busy setting up their rooms, attending meetings, collaborating with new colleagues, and thoughtfully preparing for the first day of school - Monday, August 29th!  We are welcoming a few new folks to our Angell team.  Please join me in welcoming: 

    • Mrs. Vonnie Mato: 2nd grade teacher

    • Mrs. Julia Newman: 5th grade teacher

    • Mrs. Lisa Genoa: SISS Resource Room 

    • Mrs. Carissa Perry: Social Worker

    • Mrs. Jennifer Poliquin: Building Literacy Coach

    • Mrs. Jennifer Haft: Occupational Therapist


    Though I have been an administrator for 12 years, this is my first year serving the Angell School community, so I look forward to meeting our 300+ students and their families. I hope everyone will enjoy the last week of summer break. 


    Lastly, if you missed last Sunday’s communication, you can view past communications at https://www.a2schools.org/domain/4521 


    Warm regards,

    Megan Fenech

    Principal, Angell Elementary


    Got questions about drop-off, lunch menus, or COVID protocols?  Please take some time to read this comprehensive Need-To-Know document, and then bookmark it for future reference.


    It is imperative that every family completes this pick-up/dismissal form by Saturday, August 27th.  (You can complete it once class placement emails go out Tuesday night.)



    This Wednesday’s Popsicles on the Playground event is an informal Meet & Greet opportunity for ALL families.  Classroom teachers will be on the playground to meet children from 4:30-5:30PM.  Remember, parking is very challenging, so you are encouraged to walk or bike.  Y5-K teachers will be on the lower playground, grade 1-2 teachers will be on the basketball court, and grade 3-5 teachers will be in front of the school. 



    If your family is NEW to Angell, are offering short building tours on Wednesday, August 24th between 5:00-6:30PM.  We are not entering classrooms, rather, we are walking the hallways so your child can locate their classroom, the office, the specials classrooms, etc.   Your tour guide will also answer questions you might have to orient you to Angell Elementary.   (If you are a pre-existing Angell parent who hasn't been inside the school yet, rest assured there will be future opportunities to be in the building.)  Sign up HERE 



    If you haven’t already, please review Dr. Swift’s message sent out this afternoon regarding Back-to-School updates and Covid Guidance.   AAPS Fall 2022 COVID-19 Health Guidance here



    Registration for Angell Elementary After Care will open on Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 10:00 AM. If staffing has stabilized for us to offer the AM program, that will be included as an option in the link on 9/6. Registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  The anticipated start date for this program is Monday, Sept. 26.  Please use this link to register. 

    • The program registration is for full-week AM and/or full-week PM.   AM fees will be $256 per month and PM fees will be $384 per month charged each month from September - May. The first payment will be due 9/25. We are not able to offer registration for select days each week or drop-in care.


    8/22 - Kindergarten Readiness/ Orientation day (Just for Kindergarten, not Y5 students)

    8/24 - Popsicles on the Playground: Meet & Greet (4:30-5:30 PM) and NEW family tours (5:00-6:30 PM)

    8/29 - First day of school (8:45 AM-3:48 PM) & welcome back coffee for parents 

    9/2 - No school

    9/5 - No school

    9/13  - Curriculum Night

    9/15 - PTO meeting, 9 AM



    August 14, 2022


    Greetings Angell Families, 


    I hope this email finds your family in the midst of a joyful summer.  Our office staff (i.e. Lisa, Janet, and I) are busy preparing for a successful launch this year.  We are finalizing class placements, preparing staff professional development, enrolling new families, and completing dozens of startup tasks.  Essentially, we are preparing to welcome 300+ kids back into the building in a manner that’s safe and joyful.  Student safety will always be of the utmost priority - physically, socio-emotionally, and academically.


    Below you can read sufficient notes about school events and information.  You can expect similar messages sent weekly. 


    I am eager to connect face to face soon!  In the meantime, please reach out with any questions, concerns, or comments,  


    Warm regards,

    Meg Fenech, Principal 



    We are excited to offer an opportunity for your Kindergarten student to get a "headstart" on beginning their Kindergarten year at Angell.  On Monday, August 22nd, our Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. McKee and Mrs. Ziolkowski, are offering sessions for students to come to Angell and get acquainted with our school.  Our Kindergarten teachers will provide time for students to get to know each other, work on socialization skills, practice classroom routines, play games, and become familiar with the building and playground.  This opportunity will definitely help your child gain confidence and increase comfort when the first day of Kindergarten occurs on Monday, August 29th.  Please register at 




    Families will learn who their child’s K-5 homeroom teacher the evening of Tuesday, August 23rd.  We will email need-to-know school information along with your child’s classroom placement. 



    Please mark your calendar for an informal meet & greet on the playground, Wednesday, August 24th.   If you cannot attend, that’s okay, this is an optional time to connect with Angell staff and families.

    • 4:30 - 5:30 PM - Teachers & staff will be stationed on the playground to meet families.  (Thank you to the PTO for providing popsicles.) 

    • 5:30 - 6:15 PM -  Orientation & tours for NEW-to-Angell Families  (sign-up forthcoming) 

     Given our very, very limited options for parking, we encourage you to walk or bike to school. 



    Click here to see the AAPS calendar at a glance.  Our bell schedule is 8:45 AM - 3:48 PM.  (PLEASE know that timely arrival is really important for kids and teachers.  We thank you in advance for getting your child to school on time.  It’s important for their success.)



    Check here bus route numbers, stops, and times.  



    Registration for fall Rec & Ed programming starts this Monday at 10:00AM. You can explore all the offerings at  https://www.aarecedonline.com/  

    SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE! Please call (734) 994-2300 ext. 0 for details.


    The Rec & Ed staff is working hard to recruit adequate supervisors in order to host Before & After Care at Angell!   As soon as we have a green light to enroll families you can expect communication via email.  In the meantime, general extended day information can be found at https://www.a2schools.org/Page/4206 



    We will purchase the classroom materials that students need so you do NOT need to purchase things like paper, pencils, markers, folders, etc. But….if you are interested in making donations, teachers and the office are always appreciative of soft tissues, cleaning wipes, and coffee!  We are purchasing a new coffee maker that uses ground coffee or k-cups.  If you want to donate some caffeine to our hardworking staff, we’d be appreciative.  



    If you are new to Angell or if you have a change of address, be sure you have provided the office with the necessary documents.  You can reach Lisa Durham, school secretary, at durhaml@a2schools.org or (734.994.1907)  We are back in the office M-F with open hours 9:30-11:30 AM and 1:00-3:00 PM. 



    If you are still considering AAPS’ online school program for the fall, visit www.a2schools.org/a2village 



    On the first day of school, the PTO will host our annual parent coffee & connection event. Weather permitting, we’ll meet outside for coffee, snacks, and casual conversation. So mark your calendar on 8/29/22 from 8:45-9:45 AM.  Our lovely PTO will be there to greet folks, answer inquiries, and recruit parents into upcoming volunteer opportunities.  



    School meals are no longer free-of-charge unless your family qualifies for support. To load money onto your child’s account, please visit Ann Arbor Family Portal.  Menus are viewable at https://a2schools.nutrislice.com/   

    To learn more about free & reduced lunch, please see https://www.a2schools.org/Page/8315.  



    PLEASE start labeling your child’s clothes, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc. with their last name.  A simple sharpie marker is sufficient. Mabels Labels sells affordable labels at https://mabelslabels.com/en_US/fundraising/support/ 



    If your family is seeking resources pertaining to a wide variety of needs - food, internet, medical, etc. be sure to visit - https://www.a2schools.org/Page/15636 



    We are operating under these Back to School / AAPS COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols until August 26th.  When we have updated protocols, you can expect an email. 


    8/22 - Kindergarten Readiness or Orientation day 

    8/24 - Popsciples on the Playground: Meet & Greet (4:30-5:30 PM) and NEW family orientation (5:30 PM)

    8/29 - First day of school (8:45 AM-3:48 PM) & welcome back coffee 

    9/2 - No school

    9/5 - No school

    9/13  - Curriculum Night

    9/15 - PTO meeting, 9 AM