Elementary Curriculum Overview

  • The Ann Arbor Public Schools is dedicated to creating teaching and learning environments that honor the dignity of each student while providing inclusive, engaging, challenging and relevant instructional experiences. Within our world-class programs and unparalleled academic options, each and every student is supported in realizing their aspirations for life, career and college. 

    We never stop learning together and we are always seeking to improve.  The following four areas of pedagogy and instructional design represent important actions taking place across our District to ensure that learning is fully accessible to each student we serve.

    • Culturally Affirming Instruction
    • Universally Designed Instruction
    • Instruction with Linguistic and Academic Accommodations
    • Modern, Active, and Engaged Instruction
  • Language Arts Curriculum Overview

  • Mathematics Curriculum Overview

  • Science Curriculum Overview

  • Social Studies Curriculum Overview