Guidelines for Sponsorship

  • Rec & Ed enters into sponsorship agreements with businesses, non-profits or individuals that promote mutually beneficial relationships.

    All potential sponsorships are reviewed for mutual organizational “fit,” benefits, community contributions and political sensitivity. All sponsorships support Rec & Ed’s and AAPS’s mission and values.

    Sponsorship packages vary, but can include acknowledgement on the Rec & Ed website and social media (with click-thru info and logos if desired), e-newsletter mentions, T-shirt imprints, and product give-aways.


Types of Sponsorships

  • Sponsorships can be to support Rec & Ed programming in general or directed to individual programs, such as First Steps (early childhood program); youth sports leagues and special events.

Marketing Reach

  • Monthly e-newsletters: Our three e-newsletters target Ann Arbor families with preschoolers, K-12 families, and adults, reaching over 30,000 people each month.  

    Social Media: Through Facebook and Twitter, Rec & Ed has an outreach of over 2,800 followers.

    Website: Our home page,, receives an average of 12,000 unique visits per month.

    T-shirt imprints: Rec & Ed imprints a company's logo onto youth sports T-shirts. Depending on the sport this can be hundred to thousands of youth and coach shirts.

Next Steps to Sponsorships

  • Rec & Ed reaches and serves thousands of people each year, from preschool to senior adults.

    These questions may be helpful in determining what type of sponsorship is right for you:

    •      What population segment are you trying to reach?
    •      When is the best time of year for your business to reach them?
    •      What types of Rec & Ed activities does your segment participate in?

    Ready to talk about a sponsorship?

    Contact Christine Drago, Marketing Coordinator, at