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    The Ann Arbor Public Schools have been offering students choices by offering online classes to students since 2001. Ann Arbor Public Schools continues to grow the types of courses it offers by using different sources of content throughout the year. The goal is to give students and parents choices by having the courses available in multiple formats as each source presents the material in a unique way.   All courses require a minimum of two tests to be proctored at an A2Virtual+ Drop-In Center.  Hours and locations are posted on our webpage but the centers are open outside of school hours.  It is the responsibility of the parent and student to make arrangements for attending.  

    You can access sample lessons to get a better idea of the courses by clicking the links below or the links in the left menu bar.

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    Here are two links that will provide descriptions and a summary of the courses that are offered through Ann Arbor Public Schools that can be found in the state catalog of online courses (micourses.org)   


    ***** Please do not sign-up directly with Michigan Virtual School. All registrations should be completed on the A2 Virtual+ Website****