• Welcome!!

    As I begin my 18th year of teaching in the AAPS, I’ve taught at every grade level, K-12. I have to say that I love teaching at the elementary level and I love teaching at Lakewood! Teaching at this grade level matches best with my teaching philosophy. Challenging a child’s imagination, encouraging personal expression and developing their art skills.

     I like to think of my art program as having choice-based elements. What does this mean? To begin with, in choice-based classrooms, students are regarded as artists. This means that I strive to support student ideas and initiatives and also accommodate a variety of working and learning styles. Choice-based teachers are experts at offering differentiated instruction and learning opportunities. In the classroom, I am often an observer, watching for opportunities to engage my students with interests, ideas and needs demonstrated by each unique group of individuals. The classroom is a studio. My job is to show students how to use the variety of materials and tools within this studio. Projects will include, drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture and clay. Technology is incorporated into art lessons as well as art history. In addition, school displays and other art exhibits provide opportunities to showcase the talents of Lakewood students.

    Ultimately, my goal is to honor and expand the unique nature of each chid-as-artist.