AAPS Update June 11th

  • Ann Arbor Public Schools
    Friday, June 11, 2021

    Hello AAPS Students and Parents, Staff and Community, 

    We have come a long way over these 456 days on this COVID journey together since March 13, 2020. As we wrap up this 20-21 school year today, I know we continue to focus together in connection, care and support of our students, each other and our community, as we have throughout this time. 

    We are moving forward, focused in support of our students, and look ahead to a strong 2021-22 back-to-school time; important information about next year follows in this message. 

    We are excited for the first day of school on Monday, August 30, 2021, and the opening of our Ann Arbor Public Schools for full school operations, five days per week, at all grade levels on all district campuses. 

    School Day Schedule and 2021-22 School Year Calendar

    We are sharing the daily school day bell schedule and the 2021-22 school year calendar so that everyone has this information in planning for back-to-school.

    Update on Before and After-School Programming for 2021-22 School Year

    In the Ann Arbor Public Schools, we are committed to offering before and after-school programs through Rec & Ed focused on student well-being, enrichment, and fun. 

    We are pleased to share that for 2021-22, Rec & Ed is adding before and after-school programming that builds on past successes, including new programs such as Let’s Play!, which was developed as a free program in fall 2020, as well as long-standing after school enrichment classes and programming. 

    With the needs of working families in mind, Rec & Ed hopes to offer some extended time and day programming at all elementary and K8 buildings, beginning with a priority for programming in schools that experience the greatest impact of poverty. These next steps include offering opportunities for the critical after-school hours; specific locations and details remain dependent on several factors, including staffing and fall COVID-19 guidance. 

    As these before and after-school program plans develop over the coming weeks, and as classes open for enrollment, information will be shared directly with parents and school communities via email and posted on the AAPS and Rec & Ed websites. 

    We will continue to prioritize the work to staff and coordinate before and after-school programs through this summer. As we are able to confirm the details of programming at schools, we will be in communication with parents at that time.

    Enrolling for 2021-22 School Year

    To reserve your seat in the AAPS for the 21-22 school year and so that we may prepare for our full return in the fall, please complete the registration you received via email from noreplyregistration@powerschool.com if you have not yet done so. 

    Hearing from You: K12 Insight Survey, ThoughtExchange

    We appreciate and value your input and feedback as we prepare for the next school year. We continue to have spring surveys open and commit to using and sharing your thoughts to inform our work moving forward. 

    ThoughtExchange K12 Insight 20-21 Survey

    Community Engagement Session: Preview of 2021-22 School Year

    We will continue the spring series of AAPS Community Engagement sessions with the Superintendent on Thursday, June 17, at 6 pm. Those who attend will be able to ask questions during the meeting and receive responses. The recorded session links are shared at a2schools.org so that the session may be viewed at any time on-demand following the session. 

    Congratulations to the Class of 2021

    We offer our congratulations to the more than 1,450 members of the AAPS Class of 2021. These impressive graduates join a long tradition of educational excellence of more than 100 years of graduates in the Ann Arbor Public Schools. You can see more about our 2021 AAPS commencements here. We share our very best wishes for the Class of 2021 and their next steps following graduation.

    Wrapping Up & Moving Forward

    We acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our teachers and staff as they have worked valiantly to connect and serve our students and families despite the many added challenges of learning together while physically apart. We are grateful to our parents and community members who have risen in remarkable ways to support students, staff and families throughout this historic time.

    As our students, staff and parents wrap up this school year, I offer my sincere appreciation for your strong partnership and support of our students, staff and schools - and each other - through this year.  

    During this time, we have learned, more than ever, that our classrooms and schools are so much more than physical buildings. Each of us serves a key and critical role in ensuring the AAPS is about caring, connections and community, quality learning together, overcoming our challenges, sharing compassion and outreach. 

    We honor and celebrate each and every student as they wrap up this school year today; we pull together, we survive and thrive, and we move forward toward an exciting 2021-2022 school year. It is time to lift our vision together to the next chapter of our shared, successful future in serving the students of the Ann Arbor Public Schools community.  

    Wishing you a safe, healthy and peaceful summer,

    Jeanice K. Swift
    Superintendent of Schools
    Ann Arbor Public Schools

2020-21 Program Offerings

  • The 2020-21 program offerings include:

    • A2 Classroom Connect (PK-12) - a classroom learning opportunity with quality AAPS teachers and staff, curricula and programs, connected to the student’s current AAPS school, that begins virtually. When it is safe, students will transition first to a hybrid schedule (some days virtual and some days in-person) and then potentially to full, in-person learning. At any time throughout this school year, students may access the Classroom Connect classroom virtually.
    • A2 Student Link (PK-12) – a classroom learning opportunity with quality AAPS teachers and staff, curricula and programs where students are a member of a virtual classroom linked to the student’s current AAPS school. Students enrolled in a Student Link classroom intend to remain fully virtual through at least the fall semester. 
    • A2 Virtual (Y5/K-12) – a self-paced, independent learning opportunity with regular connection to quality AAPS teachers where students complete their work in an independent setting; students complete coursework at their own pace, receive quality teacher feedback, guidance and assistance as needed.

    Connection+ Supports

    During the time of virtual learning and continuing throughout the 2020-21 school year, AAPS students with the greatest needs will be provided additional connections and wrap-around support in small group settings to ensure real-time student and family services are delivered. This network of small learning groups will support students in accessing their AAPS virtual learning classroom, and will occur virtually and/or in-person at in-neighborhood community locations, staffed by community partners and AAPS staff members, using a healthy and socially-distanced approach. Details will be dependent on COVID infection circumstances as we move through the 2020-21 school year.

    Specialized Services and Supports

    Supports and specialized services will be delivered to meet the learning needs of students, including special education needs detailed in an Individual Education Plan, English learners and other learning needs. This includes service provision, to the fullest extent possible, delivered by professional and highly-qualified staff members.

    Accelerated & Enrichment Learning Opportunities 

    Accelerated learning groups and classes are available for students including advanced placement, university dual enrollment and community resource classes. The AAPS will continue to offer a wide offering of world languages, visual and performing arts, STEAM and Project Lead the Way and environmental education courses.

    On Wednesdays and Saturdays, AAPS PK-8 students may choose from a variety of recreation opportunities, including virtual and in-person classes, recreational sports, yoga and fitness, creative enrichment - art, dance, and more. Visit aareced.com for more information.

    Daily Social-Emotional and Mental Health Connections and Support for Every Student

    Continuing throughout the 2020-21 school year, all AAPS students will be situated and meet regularly in connection groups (previously known by several names across AAPS schools as Advisory, Forum, SkyTime, etc.).  These groups build connections, develop relationships and ensure social-emotional daily check-ins and supports are in place throughout the year.