Rick's Run for Kids 5K Run/Walk

  • The 2016 Rick's Run for Kids 5K Run/Walk is coming up!
    Saturday, October 15, 2016
    Gallup Park
     Visit http://aareced.wixsite.com/rr4k for more information and to register. 
    Scenes from 2015-16 programs where RR4K scholarships were awarded:  
    Testimonials from parents: 

    “My son shared with me and was amazed at how magnets pick up metal objects.”

    “My son loved the class, it kept his interest and was a great after school activity..”

    Testimonials from students:

    “I learned brain is an important part of human body, and we all have different DNA.”

    “I told my family about the Brain.”

    “I learned how to make a catapult.”

    “I shared what I learned in class with my dad, mom and grandma.”“After taking this class, I like science a lot MORE.”

    “Energy powers things.”

    “Magnets can stick to metal.”