• AAPS College Scholarships

    Scholarships applications will open in January of 2025

    Thank you to all who submitted an application.  

    The List of 2024 AAPS Scholarships for Graduating Seniors Recipients will be shared soon.

    Classroom and Project Grants

    AAPS and its partners provide grants to support classroom activities and school projects. Click here to view a listing of available grants.

    Current Available Scholarships for AAPS Students

    For Athletes

    • Don Simons Memorial Scholarship: Available to a Huron, Pioneer or Skyline High School Athlete who is struggling to pay for athletic-related expenses. Application.
    • Jeff Silveri Baseball Scholarship: Available to Huron Baseball Athletes who have financial need. Application.

    For Haisley Elementary School Students:

    • Peter Stamos Camp Scholarship: Two scholarships will be awarded annually to third or fourth grade boys or girls to attend KidSport or Camp Explorations at the University of Michigan. Contact studentscholarships@a2school.org for details. 

    Questions? Please email studentscholarships@a2schools.org