AAPS College Scholarships

  • Attention, graduating seniors: the AAPS College Scholarship Application is live!

    • Completing the AAPS Scholarship Application allows you to apply for any AAPS College Scholarship for which you are eligible.
    • A variety of scholarships are available for continuing your education at a credentialed college, university, or trade school.
    • Some scholarships are available to all students districtwide and some are for students graduating from specific AAPS high schools. You will be able to view both types of scholarships during the application process.

    To view the scholarships by school, please click on the links to the left (computer) or select your school list from the pages (mobile). To view a complete list of all available scholarships, click here.

    Application Deadline: March 12th at 3pm

    • You must submit your scholarship application by March 12th at 3:00 p.m. in order to be eligible for a scholarship.  

    Prepare to Submit Your Application

    Every application is different, but many require the following:
    • Information regarding your family's household income
    • A completed Recommendation Form. We will except both a letter on formal letterhead as well as the AAPS Recommendation Form. Choose a link to download the AAPS Recommendation form: (Google Doc) | (Word Doc)
    • Unofficial transcript provided by your counselor or other school official
    • Essays describing why you are the best candidate for this scholarship and how you best meet the scholarship criteria.

    For additional details regarding specific scholarship criteria and application requirements, please refer to each scholarship description.

    Apply! Applications due March 12, 2019 at 3pm

    You can apply for all AAPS College Scholarships to which you are eligble using this ONE online form. After you have completed the form for one scholarship, you will have the option to apply for additional scholarships within this form. LINK TO SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM

    Additional Scholarships Available

    Looking for more scholarships? You can find a list of these and other scholarships in your Naviance account.

    Questions? Please email studentscholarships@a2schools.org

Other Available AAPS Scholarships

  • Other Available Scholarships for AAPS Students.

    Huron High School Students

    • Taylor Calhoun Social Inclusion Scholarship: This scholarship is for student struggling to pay for items such as dental bills, senior photos, letter jackets, testing fees and more. Contact Nina Perko in the Counseling Office for additional details. 
    • Don Simons Pay to Participate Scholarship: Available to a Huron High School Athlete who is struggling to pay the pay to participate fee but does not qualify for free and reduced lunch. Contact the Huron High School Athletic Office for additional details or apply online here. Application deadline: March 15, 2019.


    Scarlett Middle School Students

    • Spencer J. Steiff Music Camp Scholarship: The Spencer J. Steiff Music Camp Scholarship provides financial assistance for band students at Scarlett Middle School to attend Wolverine Band Camp. For additional details, contact the Scarlett Middle School Counselor or Band Director.


    Haisley Elementary School Students

    • Peter Stamos Camp Scholarship: Two scholarships will be awarded annually to third or fourth grade boys or girls to attend KidSport or Camp Explorations at the University of Michigan. Contact studentscholarships@a2school.org for details.


    Questions? Please email studentscholarships@a2schools.org