More About Curriculum Mapping

  • Atlas Rubicon logo For the past two and a half years over 200 AAPS K-12 teachers have been working to map our district curriculum. In addition, many more teachers have reviewed this work and contributed their ideas through district professional development sessions. We are eager to share the result of our work with our school community. Our curriculum maps will allow teachers and families to easily view the curriculum expectations of each grade level and subject. This valuable tool will communicate guaranteed aspects of our curriculum and provide a consistent, clear understanding of the teaching and learning that takes place in our classrooms. It is a matter of equity that all of our students have a guaranteed curriculum, regardless of their zip code. The important priority is that we guarantee all students have a robust instructional experience that reflects the best in AAPS and ensures our students are college and career ready when they graduate.
    The Ann Arbor Public Schools wants to provide an open and transparent resource to inform families about the extraordinary work we do in our district. Our curriculum maps in Atlas will be that resource. Atlas is intended to be used in place of the previously distributed trifold grade level outcome pages published at the elementary level and to complement the curriculum syllabi available at the secondary level. It provides a more efficient and adaptable platform for communicating curriculum. Greater visibility of our curriculum is the next phase of our collaborative partnership.
    Our district has much to be proud of. We are enhanced because of the strong supportive relationship we have with our parent community, which is strengthened when we communicate well and frequently. Our hardworking and skillful teaching staff demonstrate excellence in our classrooms every day. Our students thrive because our staff is dedicated to teaching a robust and aligned curriculum in innovative and engaging ways.
    Curriculum mapping in Atlas will continue to support these efforts. Atlas is dynamic and will reflect changes as the district responds to the ever-changing needs of our students and guidance from state and federal agencies. We invite our parent community to check back frequently to appreciate the robust instructional experience the district offers our Ann Arbor Public School students.