• Dicken families,
    Here are this week's updates from Principal Madison and the PTO. In this issue:

    • Principal Madison’s notes
    • Important dates
    • PTO Notes
    • New door policy 2019/2020
    • Summer garden signup
    • Mabel’s labels fundraiser
    • PTO thrift shop

    -Vanessa Revelli
    PTO communications chair

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    Principal Madison’s Notes
    Parent Volunteer Breakfast: Thank you to all of the parents who were able to join us last Thursday for our “Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast”. For those who couldn’t make, Thank you for all of your help throughout this past school year. Without you, we couldn’t accomplish so many great things for our Dicken Dolphins!

    Field Trips: This week almost all of our classes will be holding some sort of end of the year picnics and/or field trips. Please sign & return all permission slips or child will not be allowed to go, It’s a district policy. We need parent chaperones or these events, please help out. We of course will be monitoring the weather closely and staff have a plan B in case of Bad weather.

    5th Grade Promotion Ceremony: Please join us Wednesday evening to say good-bye to our 5th graders as they prepare to move on to Slauson Middle School next year. 5th Grade parents & families get priority seating for the ceremony.

    Last Day of School: Please stop by and join us Friday for Mike’s Mocha at 8:30 am and/or the “Clap Out” ceremony that will begin at 11:00am to close out this school year. All Parents are welcome this last day of school. The school day ends at 11:39 am for summer vacation. Every student will receive a free yearbook to take home and /or get autographed by friends.

    Rochelle Vollmer Memorial: Some of you may have already notice the two orange Adirondack chairs that are now in the front garden of the school. These chairs are a memorial to Rochelle Vollmer, Dicken Kindergarten Teacher, who passed away from cancer last school year. The staff wanted to leave something for all to remember her time spent teaching the students of Dicken School. So please feel free to take a seat, rest & remember not only Shelly, but any family member or relative that you may have lost over the years.

    Thank you: As we wrap up this school year, I would like to personally thank the Dicken Staff for the amazing job that they do each & everyday teaching & supporting our Dicken Dolphins; the Dicken Parents for all of your support throughout the good times and the bad times, “it takes a village”, and we sure do have a very supportive, loving & tolerant village; and the Dicken Students who come to school each day thirsting for knowledge and making us always smile.

    Lost & Found: Please stop by our Lost & Found area and claim your child’s missing items. On June 17th, any remaining items will be donated to Purple Heart and/or Salvation Army.

    2019/2020 Tentative Teacher Assignments:

    Grade        # kids          Sections           Tentative Teacher Assignments

    Y5’s                17        One Section                          Brogno

    Kdg                 56        Three Sections                     Gargaro, Harris, Lypka

    1st                    60        Three Sections                     Maus, Rossi, Thomas        

    2nd                   45        Two Sections                        Bahr, Posey

    3rd                    45        Two Sections                        Creswell, Hane

    4th                    45        Two Sections                        Brann, Miller

    4th / 5th            24        One Section                          Chartier

    5th                    24        One Section                          Hubbard 

    We Say Good-Bye to Mrs. Ellen Brooks who leaves Dicken for an upper classroom teaching position elsewhere in the district. Wherever she lands, “it will be truly their gain and our loss.

    The complete version of Principal Madison’s Parent Letter is available here:

    Important Dates:
    Monday, June 10th
    National Pride Day, Creswell's class says the Pledge
    3rd Grade to Vets Pool & Park, 9:30-2:00 pm, Weather Permitting

    Tuesday, June 11th
    5th Grade Class Trip to Belmark Bowling Lanes, 9:30-12:00 pm
    Y5’s End of the Year Picnic, Las Vegas Park, 10:00-12:00 pm
    1st Grade End of the Year Picnic, Las Vegas Park, 12:30-3:30 pm

    Wednesday, June 12th
    Last Day to Donate School Supplies for Philippines
    5th Grade End of the Year Picnic, Dicken, 10-12 pm & 1:10-2:30 pm
    5th Grade Promotion Ceremony / Family Party, 6:00-8:00pm

    Thursday, June 13th
    5th Grade Class Trip to Rolling Hills, 10:00-2:30 pm
    4th Grade End of the Year Picnic, Allmendinger Park, 10:00-3:30 pm
    3rd Grade End of the Year Picnic, Las Vegas Park, 12:30-3:45 pm
    2nd Grade End of the Year Picnic, School Grounds, 1:00-3:30 pm

    Friday, June 14th
    School Pride Day, Show Your School Spirit!
    Report Cards Home / School Ends at 11:39 am / Busses leave 11:45 am
    PTO “Mochas with Mike”, main hallway, 8:30-9:30 am
    Yearbook Signing, whole building, 10:15-11:00 am
    End of the Year Clap out, 11:05 am
    End of the Year 5th Grade Farewell Song, 11:30 am
    End of the Year Flag Lowering, 11:34 am
    End of the Year Promotion Ceremony, 11:36 am
    End of the Year Dismissal, 11:39 am, School’s Out For Summer Vacation!

    Notes from Our PTO
    As we wrap-up the end of this year I would like to thank our PTO board for a successful year! All year we have been supported by our teachers, staff members and our Dicken families! We are so thankful to have such a great, little but mighty, neighborhood school!

    We have a PTO-Council  position open for next year on our board. This position attends one meeting held by the PTO-C board to represent Dicken school. Each AnnArbor school will also have a point person. Here, Dr. Swift and the board will discuss topics the district has questions and concerns about.
    It’s a great way to see the plans laid out for Ann Arbor public schools at all elementary, middle, and high school grade levels and why things work the way they do!
    Please contact me if you are interested!

    New Door Policy for 2019-2020
    Please read the attached door policy for next year. There are many changes.
    Dicken_School letter CC Door Protocol.pdf 

    Garden Summer Signup
    The school garden needs summer caretakers. Please sign up to weed, water, and harvest for one week this summer. In addition, if you have any time during the other weeks to pull weeds, that is desperately needed all the time. Garden experience is not necessary - you will be given full instructions for what needs to be done. It's a fun family activity! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508094CA9AF2FA1F85-dicken5

    Tired of your child losing all their stuff?  Not enough time to label it all?  Mabel’s Labels to the rescue and raise money for Dicken at the same time!

    Mabel’s Labels are stickers that go on clothing tags (tagmates) and water bottles, lunch boxes, pencil cases, backpacks, etc.  They stay on through the washing machine and dishwasher.  They even make allergy alerts stickers and stickers for other uses.

    Go to campaigns.mabelslabels.com and enter Dicken in the search box and Dicken will receive 20% of your order and you will save money by getting your kid’s stuff back. 

    As a tip, I don’t use first and last name on the labels, I use last name and phone number.

    Questions?  Janine Hutchinson 734-913-9418 or jmhutch@umich.edu

    PTO Thrift Shop
    Here is the current PTO Thrift Shop Promotion:

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