• Dicken families,
    Here are this week's updates from Principal Madison and the PTO. In this issue:

    • Principal Madison’s notes
    • Important dates
    • Thank you
    • Medication pick up
    • Dicken community garden – adopt a week
    • Kindness rocks project – lots of rocks still needed

    -Vanessa Revelli
    PTO communications chair

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    Principal Madison’s Notes

    “Inspiring & Growing Leaders”:

    Field Day: Thanks to Rob Maier for organizing this wonderful event for our students! The weather cooperated and everyone had a great time. Also please thank Nikki Barnes & Amy Robins, Dicken Alumni, for assisting Mr. Maier.

    End of the Year Activities: Every Grade has an end of the year Activity/Picnic/Field Trip at Dicken. Parents please check the weather daily & encourage your child to keep their behavior appropriate so that they remain eligible for the fun events. Also, parents, if you have the time, please join us on these trips to help support your child’s teacher.

    2018/2019 Updated Staffing: I have revised staff assignments for next year based on the new information that Dicken will not have a 4/5 split. Remember, these assignments are based on projected student numbers, staff FTE allocation from the district & teacher expertise. As always, things might change due to enrollment changes over the summer. Even though staff has created class lists, they won’t be finalized till late August. Thank you for your support in allowing us to create balanced classes within each grade level.

    Young 5’s – Ms. Brogno

    Kindergarten – Ms. Fox, Ms. Gargaro & Ms. Harris

    1st Grade – Ms. Maus, Ms. Thomas & Ms. Weaver

    2nd Grade – Ms. Bahr & Ms. Posey

    3rd Grade – Ms. Creswell, Ms. Hane & Ms. Rossi

    4th Grade – Ms. Brann  & Ms. Miller

    5th Grade – Ms. Chartier & Ms. (Murphy) York

    Report Cards: Our teachers are busy wrapping up end of the year report cards for your students. Your child will bring home a report card envelope on Friday. Please look for this envelope. The Report Card envelope will contain several progress reports, so please review them all.

    Last 1/2 Day of school: Please review the schedule for the last day of school. Join us for Mike’s Mocha at 8:30 am as you drop your child off in the morning. We asked that students not bring backpacks the last day of school for all materials should have been brought home already. The only item coming home Friday is a Yearbook which will be handed out to each student. Students will be dismissed at11:39 am. Parents are welcome to attend our end of the year activities & ceremony.

    Father’s Day: I would like to wish all of the Dads out there in our community a Happy & Joyous Father’s Day on June 17th. Without you, we wouldn’t have these amazing Dicken Dolphins!

    Thank You: Overall, this has been a wonderful school year. There are so many student accomplishments to celebrate and be proud of! 97% of our students at Dicken do what they need to do to be successful. They come to school each day, prepared & excited to learn. They do what is asked of them, follow school rules, help other students and take initiative to create a positive environment. Lately I have heard rumblings about our 3% of students who have not been quite as successful as they could have been. Dicken has an amazing staff dedicated to teaching ALL students no matter where they come from or what their academic or behavioral skill set is. Yes, some students do have difficulty acclimating to the school environment, but we are here to help teach them how to do school appropriately. Tolerance of others is what makes our school so good. Our students are aware that some students have issues that need special attention and/or safety protocols put in place to protect the student’s dignity as well as provide a safe environment for all. The district have been very supportive as well by placing additional support at Dicken such a part time Behavioral Specialist, help from the District Behavior Support Team and assistance from the WISD Behavior Team. The staff has sat through PD sessions to guide them, educate them & learn strategies that can assist our struggling students in their classrooms. Next year, I am developing a monthly PD series for staff to help keep them ahead of new strategies & techniques that can be used in the classroom to benefit all students but especially our more challenging students. I am here to teach, support & care for All students that come to Dicken, but I need your support as well for as the old African Proverb states: “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”.  Please stay with us along this journey.

    Habit 3 — Put First Things First
    Work First, Then Play: I spend my time on things that are most important.
    This means I say no to things I know I should not do.
    I set priorities, make a schedule, and follow my plan.
    I am disciplined and organized.

    The complete version of Principal Madison’s Newsletter is available here:

    Last Week of School, June 11th - June 15th

    Monday, June 11th
    Ms. Kit Flynn, Interim Principal
    National Pride Day Bahr’s 2nd Grade class says the Pledge

    Tuesday, June 12th 
    9:30-11:45am 5th Grade Bowling Trip / Bel Mark Lanes
    9:30-2:00pm  3rd Grade to Veteran’s Park & Pool          

    Wednesday, June 13th 
    9:00-3:45pm  5th Grade Picnic, Dicken Playground
    10:00-2:00pm 4th Grade to Veteran’s Park & Pool
    12:50-3:50pm 1st Grade End of The Year Picnic, Las Vegas Park
    6:00-7:00pm 5th Grade Promotion Exercise, MPR
    7:00-8:00pm  5th Grade Family Party, MPR

    Thursday, June 14th  
    10:00-2:30pm 5th Grade Field Trip to Rolling Hills
    12:40-3:40pm 3rd Grade Picnic, Las Vegas Park
    1:00-3:30pm  2nd Grade Picnic, Mushroom Park

    Friday, June 15th
    Half Day, Students bring Report Cards Home
    School Pride Day Wear your Favorite School/Sports Jersey
    8:30 – 9:30am Mike's Mocha
    9:15 – 11:00am  Kona Snow Cones, Parking Lot
    10:00 – 11:00am Yearbook signing Building wide
    11:05 – 11:30am End of the Year “Clap Out” Main Hallway
    11:30 – 11:32am End of the Year Flag Lowering
    11:32 – 11:34am 5th Grade Farewell song, Flagpole
    11:34 – 11:39am End of the Year Promotion Ceremony, Flagpole
    11:39am – 11:45am Students Dismissed 11:39am/Busses leave 11:45

    Next School Year Important Dates

    Tuesday, August 28th
    4:15 – 5:30pm Dicken Meet & Greet        

    Monday, Sept 3rd                                       
    Labor Day

    Tuesday, Sept 4th                          
    First Day of School           

    Tuesday, Sept 25th                                    
    Curriculum Night


    Notes from Our PTO

    Thank You
    Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped with events, field trips, after school activities, etc. You all rock!!!

    Thank you to all of the teachers that pushed our children to do their best, for giving a lot of your time, & for being patient & understanding with parents.

    Thank you to the families that are always looking for new ways to improve our community.

    Thanks to all of the administrative folks that ensure that our children & families receive all of the necessary information & guidance to make the school year run smoothly.

    Thanks to Mr. Madison for all of the behind the scenes work & support he gives on a daily basis.

    A big thanks to the PTO Exec board. This year we have had to make some challenging decisions, & have had some difficult discussions, but have always come together in the end. We have conquered mountains that we have not had to climb in the past. I am thankful I had all of you to take that journey with.

    Medication Pick-Up
    Please be sure and stop in the office on or before the last day of school, Friday June 15, to pick-up your child's medication. Medications cannot be sent home with your child unless there is a self-carry order. Any medications left behind will be disposed of at this time. We are unable to safely store medications over the summer due to the warm temperatures. Thank you so much for your cooperation in collecting your child's meds in a timely fashion.

    Dicken Community Garden – Adopt a Week!
    Our Dicken garden needs your help this summer! We've got 13 weeks before kids will be back to working in the garden, and the garden will continue to need care. We maintain the garden by having our families "adopt a week" to care for it.  You choose a week that your family can help, and the garden coordinator will let you know what needs to be done and how often, when your week approaches.  It could be watering, weeding, and most definitely - harvesting.  One of the benefits of adopting a week is that you can pick and take home some garden fresh produce for your family.  This is a great way to work together as a family this summer and contribute to our wonderful garden!  Click here to volunteer: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/508094CA9AF2FA1F85-dicken3

    In addition, we'd love to let you know what's happening in our garden. It's a pretty special feature of our school. Please email Jenifer Miller at dickengarden@gmail.comor visit our website at http://dickenelementaryplantgarden.weebly.com/ to sign up for our email list. Look for us on social media soon!

    Rocks Still Needed for Kindness Rocks Project!!
    We need several hundred rocks (one for each student) for this project, so please keep collecting them over the summer and bring them in the fall!

    Who: All Dicken Students
    What: Please bring large rocks (at least the size of the palm of an adult’s hand, but still so a child can carry it) for a special Leader in Me school-wide "Kindness Rocks!" project to be displayed all around the school grounds
    When: As soon as possible
    Where: Please bring your rock to add to the Art Room. There will be boxes outside of the Art Room.
    Action required: Please bring large rocks ASAP so students can begin working on this "Kindness Rocks!" project for the school! Attached is more information about this project:
    Rock Art Project.pdf 

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