• Dicken families,
    Here are this week's updates from Principal Madison and the PTO. In this issue:

    • Principal Madison’s notes
    • Important dates
    • PTO Thrift Show Support Days
    • WESO Coaches Needed
    • Super Science Day

    -Vanessa Revelli
    PTO communications chair

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    Principal Madison’s Notes

    Family Literacy Night: Thank you to all of the parents & students who stopped by last week’s Family Literacy event. It was nicely attended and everyone who came learned some exciting activities to use at home to share with their child. Special thanks to coordinators Jennifer Hasty (Title 1 Teacher) and Lauren York (Building Literacy Expert). Also, thanks to staff members Ellen Brooks, Celia Gargaro, Stephanie Harris, Karen Jones & Robin Thomas who helped run the literacy stations.

    Academic Push: Now that teachers have finished Fall parent conferences, conducting student assessments & writing Report Cards, they can turn their attention to diving more deeply into teaching your child each day. They will use these assessments & report cards to adjust their instructional strategies to meet your child’s individual needs as we move towards the winter break. Please continue to use Raz Kids & Dreambox applications at home to support your child’s learnings in Reading & Math.

    Super Science Days: Thank you Laite Odetola & Dicken PTO for organizing next week’s Super Science Day events! The Hands-On Museum will be at Dicken all day Monday Dec 10th & Tuesday morning Dec 11th, to provide exciting hands on experiments for our student to engage in. Our students love these engaging science activities and it gets them ready for WESO which gets off in January!  See attached schedule.
    Revised Super Science Days 2018.pdf 

    Vision & Hearing Screening: Each year we are very lucky to have the Washtenaw Vision & Hearing clinic come to our school to check our students’ Vision and Hearing. This will take place next week, Wednesday-Friday Dec 12th – 14th. Information will come home this week. If the clinicians see a deficit, they will follow up with you.

    Student Behavior: 97% of Dicken students come to school each and every day prepared and ready to learn. They are true leaders who know what is expected of them each & every day. Our staff is dedicated to working with and providing a safe environment for ALL students at Dicken, even the 3%, that are struggling behaviorally due to circumstances beyond their own control. “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” and Dicken is truly that Village that practices Care, Kindness and Tolerance towards each and every child that attends our school. Thank you, Dicken parents, for your support in not only raising your own child, but also showing empathy towards those students who need additional help & support.

    Winter Clothes: Winter is here with lots of rain & snow. Please make sure that your child has the proper winter clothing, labeled with your child’s name, at school. We go outside in the winter. Hats, gloves, snow pants, boots and winter jackets are a must. The office does not carry a huge supply of extra winter clothing. Please also remind your child that we do not allow snow or snowball throwing on school grounds.

    Text Messages for School Closings Update:  On the afternoon of Tuesday, December 4th individuals that have not yet texted “Yes” to 67587 will receive a text from that number asking if they would like to opt in to receiving school closing texts. We will then conduct another test of the system on Thursday, December 6th to ensure individuals interested in receiving text message announcements of school closings are in the system properly.

    Please Update Contact Information if it has Changed: As the winter season approaches, we want to be sure that all families receive notice in the event that school is cancelled due to weather or other reasons. If your contact information has changed since registration, you must contact the school office professional to update your contact information in PowerSchool. If they opt out of notifications, you will not receive calls from any AAPS building - including inclement weather notifications. Families may review school safety information, including weather protocols at http://aaps.schoolwires.net/domain/2601. Also school closing information will be left as a voice mail message so you do not have to worry about missing the call.

    The complete version of Principal Madison’s Parent Letter is available here:

    Important Dates:

    This Week, December 3rd- December 7th

    Monday Dec 3rd

    National Pride Day, Gargaro’s class says the Pledge

    Young 5’s Environmental Ed presentation, 9:20 am

    Dicken PTO Co-Chairs meet with Mike, 3:00 pm

    Wednesday Dec 5th

    1st Grade Rose Revere Engineer Field Trip, Michigan Theater,  9:30 am

    Friday, Dec 7th

    School Pride Day, Show Your School Spirit!

    Student Lighthouse Team Mtg, Kdg-2nd, 11:30-12:18pm

    Student Lighthouse Team Mtg, 3rd – 5th, 12:18-1:05pm

    Next Week, December 10th - December 14th

    Monday Dec 10th    

    National Pride Day,  Lypka’s class says the Pledge

    Super Science Days, Y5’s – 2nd Grade, GYM

    3rd Grade Lansing Field Trip, 9:00 am – 3:45 pm

    Kdg Environmental Education Presentation, Gargaro, 12:50 pm

    Kdg Environmental Education Presentation, Harris, 1:40 pm

    Kdg Environmental Education Presentation, Lypka, 2:30 pm

    Tuesday, Dec 11th

    Super Science Days, Grades 3-5, GYM

    Wednesday Dec 12th

    Vision & Hearing Screening, PCR

    Thursday, Dec 13th

    Vision & Hearing Screening, PCR

    Friday, Dec 14th

    School Pride Day, Show Your School Spirit!

    Vision & Hearing Screening, PCR

    Notes from Our PTO

    Our next PTO meeting will be Thursday December 6th from 7-9 at Carrie Klimkowicz’s House. This meeting is for board members only.
    We look forward to seeing you January 10th at our next meeting!

    PTO Thrift Shop Show Your Support Days
    What:  PTO Thrift Shop Show Your Support Days--Get great deals and help Dicken PTO earn money!

    When:  Sunday November 25-Saturday December 8

    Where: Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop-2280 S. Industrial Hwy.

    For every $5 you spend at the PTO Thrift Shop on the above days you'll get a token to place in one of 4 buckets.  Dicken will receive a percentage of $1500 based on the percentage of tokens we collect during that time.  The more tokens in our bucket, the more money we earn!  Please support the thrift shop and the Dicken PTO and spread the word to family and friends!

    Questions:  Janine Hutchinson, jmhutch@umich.edu or 734-913-9418

    WESO Science Olympiad Coaches Needed:
    The Science Olympiad program at Dicken is in great need of new coaches. Science Olympiad (or WESO) is a program for 2nd through 5thgraders, where students can choose from up to 21 different science-related “events”. Students attend weekly practices from February to May to learn more about their topic and to prepare for the WESO competition on May 11, 2019. Coaches are needed for each event to teach or guide students through the practices. Coaches can set their own practice schedules, and do not need to be experts in the topic they are coaching. The list of events (along with brief descriptions) can be found on the WESO website.  For more information on coaching, contact Nick Hutchinson (nsh@umich.edu; 734-913-9418)

    Super Science Day
    WHAT? - The AnnArbor Hands On Museum is coming to Dicken for fun sessions with our kids, exploring basic science. Magnets! Slime! Electricity! Oh my! 
    WHEN? On Monday and Tuesday, December 10 and 11. 
    WHO? Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and all willing and able adults are invited. 
    WHERE? All events will take place at the Dicken gym. 

    Please follow the link to find a time slot you can volunteer for. 

    You can join your child’s class and if you are available, please help wherever else you can. We need all the help we can get. 

    Email any questions you have to laiteodetola@gmail.com

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