• Here are this week's updates from Principal Madison and the PTO. In this issue:

    • Principal Madison’s notes
    • Important dates
    • PTO notes
    • Dicken dash sponsor thank you
    • Family movie night
    • Book fair thank you
    • Super science day
    • Spirit wear
    • PTO thrift shop

    -Vanessa Revelli
    PTO communications chair

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    Principal Madison’s Notes
    Visitor Management System
    The AAPS schools have installed a new Visitor Management Check in system at Dicken. We started using it last week. Please bring your Driver’s License/Passport with you.
               *When parents are coming in to drop off or pick up students they don't have to sign in unless they plan to walk to the classroom and leave the office / front sign in area. 

    *Any visitor, including parents, who want access to a classroom or in the school beyond the office needs to have their ID (Driver’s License/Passport) checked to get visitor badge to wear.

    *The ID check does not replace the iChat check for our volunteers. That still needs to be done.
               *Once your ID has gone into the system you don't need to have it run it again. Your information will automatically run against the National Sex Offender database when we hit "submit" for a visitor badge. We can manually enter your names (such as frequently parent visitors or volunteers).

    Teacher Conferences
    Conferences wrap up this week. Please contact your child’s teacher if you haven’t been able to schedule a conference. Our staff want to meet with 100% of their parents. These meeting are vital for getting to know your child’s teacher, the curriculum and planning the rest of the school year

    Lunches from Home
    Please remind you child not to share their lunches/food with friends. Your child doesn’t know who might have a food allergy. Always include a drink if your child isn’t going to purchase milk, but never pack glass bottle containers in lunches, plastic or paper cartons only.

    Rover the Robot
    On Friday, November 15th, our PTO will bring another exciting educational Science experience to our school. Rover The Robot will be visiting classes and escorting students to the IMAX theater in our gym to show some exciting scientific movies to our kids. Y5’s/Kdg will see a movie about “Dolphins”, 1st graders will see “Dinosaurs Alive”, 2nd graders will see “Under The Sea”, 3rd graders will see “Born TO BE Wild” and 4th & 5th graders will see “Hubble”. Thank You Dicken PTO!

    Weather Changes/Extra Clothes
    Please remember to check the weather daily & dress your child appropriately. A light sweatshirt, fleece or sweater in the fall will assure your child stays warm inside & outside. In addition a change of clothes/socks left in the classroom is always appreciated. That way we don’t have to call parents to bring in dry clothes if a child falls in a puddle during recess. We try our best to guide them away from these areas on the playground, but some kids just seem to be attracted to wet grass and puddles of water.

    Dicken Y5’s-2nd Grade Parent Literacy Night
    Our Literacy team (Lauren York, Building Literacy Expert & Caley McMillan, English Language Learner) will be hosting a Y5’s – 2nd grade parent night on November 19th in the Media Center. Families are invited to attend to learn about how to include Literacy at home, plays a few games, and eats some snacks. Please mark your calendars and plan on coming. We will host another Literacy Night for grades 3-5 later om in the school year.

    Thanksgiving Baskets
    Once again, our school partner, Knox Church, will be providing Dicken families who need assistance, a Thanksgiving Basket. A form went home last week. Please return it asap to be eligible to receive a basket. Baskets will be handed out Monday, November 25 in the afternoon and all-day Tuesday, November 26th.

    The complete version of Principal Madison’s Parent Letter is available here:


    Important Dates:
    This Week, November 11th - November 15th

    Monday Nov 11th
    National Pride Day, Rossi’s class says the Pledge
    Veterans Day
    Dicken Brownies/Juniors Mtg, 4:15 pm
    Chartier 3rd Conferences, 4:15-7 pm

    Tuesday, Nov 12th
    Parent Light House Mtg, 11:30 am, Room 112  
    Girls on the Run, 4:15 pm
    Brogno, Brann, Gargaro, Harris, Lypka, & Miller 3rd Conferences, 4:15-7 pm

    Thursday, Nov 14ht
    Girls on the Run, 4:15 pm 
    Hane 4th & Thomas 3rd Parent Teacher Conferences, 4:15-7 pm

    Friday, Nov 15th
    School Pride Day, Wear your School Colors!
    The PTO presents “Rover the Robot” activities all day
    “Rover the Robot”, Movie Night 6 pm

    Next Week November 18th - November 22nd

    Monday Nov 18th
    National Pride Day, Thomas’s class says the Pledge
    Dicken Daisies Mtg, 4:15 pm

    Tuesday, Nov 19th
    Lockdown Security Drill #1
    1st Grade Ecology Center “Compostability” Workshops, PM
    Dicken Community Night Out at Panera Bread (Eisenhower)
    Girls on the Run, 4:15 pm 
    Dicken Y5’s-2nd Grade Parent ELL Night, Media Center, 5:15-5:45 pm
    Dicken Y5’s-2nd Grade Parent Literacy Night, Media Center, 5:45-7:30 pm

    Thursday, Nov 21st
    Y5’s LSNC Presentation, 1:00 pm, RM 112
    Girls on the Run, 4:15 pm

    Friday, Nov 22nd
    School Pride Day, Wear your School Colors!
    Dicken Dolphin PODS, 9:00 – 9:30am, Building Wide

    Notes from Our PTO
    Dicken Dash Sponsor
    Dicken would like to thank our generous title sponsor Green Tree Pediatrics!

    Family Movie Night
    Free family movie night
    Wall-E will be shown on a mobile IMAX theater screen in the gym.  Free popcorn!
    Families will get to meet Rover the robot, who will have spent the day at Dicken.

    Friday, Nov. 15 6:00 p.m.

    Scholastic Book Fair Thank You and Update
    It is with great excitement that we say THANK YOU to everyone that came to this year's Scholastic Book Fair at Dicken. Thank you for browsing, buying, donating, and volunteering! Over the course of four days, we were able to raise $3,000 which will be used to buy new books for the library. With all of your participation, we are able to gift at least 12 new books to each classroom library (15 rooms); 130 individual new books to the school library; 6 new box sets of library bound books; and additional book funds to be used to support our students during the upcoming March is Reading Month activities. Thank you all and please feel free to share your feedback: liz.arnkoff@gmail.com or mchalel@aaps.k12.mi.us

    When? December 9th and 10th. 

    Who?  All available adults. Please ask grandma and grandpa, uncle and aunty and your nice neighbors. 

    Where?  At our school, Dicken Elementary. 

    Please join us on December 9th and 10th as the AnnArbor Hands on Museum comes to Dicken with fun stuff to introduce our kids to basic scientific concepts. How is rain made? How do magnets work? How do boats float? Can you tell what animal came through by its poop? And so much more. 

    We need an army to pull off this always fun and memorable annual event. 

    Use this link to sign up for as many slots as you can. 


    Spirit Wear
    We are offering a year round spirit wear sale this year! You can order online and everything will be shipped to your home. I highly recommend ordering during our free shipping period which will be Nov. 1-18. We will send out flyers to remind you. 

    Here is our online store link, check it out!: https://www.dickenspiritwear.com/

    PTO Thrift Shop
    Here is the current PTO Thrift Shop Promotion: