Welcome U-M Volunteers!

  • U-M Project Community Volunteer

    We are fortunate to have more than 100 students and volunteers from U-M Classrooms and programs volunteer in AAPS Schools during the U-M Fall and Winter Semesters.

    Current U-M Classes and Programs that place students in AAPS Programs (Please note, this does not include placements through the U-M School of Education)

    Resources for U-M Students and Volunteers 

    If you are in one of the programs above (excluding Readers and Best and Project Outreach) you must complete an AAPS Volunteer Information Form and read the Orientation Guide before you can begin your placement at AAPS.

    Resources for U-M Student Groups

    Are you a U-M Student Group looking to volunteer at AAPS? Here are some resources to get you started:

    Hints and Tips for Working with AAPS

    1. Please come to us with a specific idea of how you would like to help out. It is a lot harder for us to find a good opportunity for you if we don't know your specific interests, timeline and capacity. Not sure what you want to do? Contact the Ginsberg Center for assistance!
    2. Your student group must be registered with Children on Campus: Want to work with us? Please register with U-M Children on Campus first.
    3. We always need help raising funds and school supplies: We are always happy to have student groups support our schools through donation drives. If you are interested in doing a donation drive, please let us know.
    4. We are interested in long term committments: AAPS does not have many opportunities for student groups to do one-time activities.  If this is your interest, please check out the available one-time opportuntities on Volunteer Washtenaw.
    5. We are always happy to answer questions! If you want to work with us, please feel free to reach out with questions.

    How have U-M Groups helped out in the past?

    • Purchased needed school supplies and holiday gifts for students in need.
    • Volunteered as tutors during and after school.
    • Volunteered for one time opportunties such as helping wrap gifts during the holidays for students in need.
    • Volunteered as part of a student group to offer programming and activities for AAPS students on or off campus that focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), student wellness, and more.

    Contact Us

    Contact the AAPS Stategic Partnerships office at partners@a2schools.org or get started.