Synopsis of Superintendent’s Video Update for the Week of September 28th

  • Introduction

    What’s happened so far this school year: Dr. Swift thanks the AAPS team for the hard work done to get the year started. Over 530-thousand meals have been distributed to AAPS families since March with distributions every week on Monday and Thursday.

    ITD distributed about 17-thousand technology devices and is working with families on internet connections.

    Last week school supply kits were distributed to students in high schools and middle schools. This week distribution goes for elementary aged students and those at Ann Arbor Open and A2 STEAM.

    Thank you to all of the parents, staff, students that have shared their feedback around concerns of screen time, length of school day and challenges particularly for youngest students and those with special needs. Will be sharing a parent feedback form soon to collect more feedback.

    Bringing small groups into our schools under Phase 4 of the Michigan MI Safe Start Plan. High school athletics and SAT testing have been the first effort to have students in person for activities. Using masks, social distancing to maintain safety. Will be sharing information on other small groups in the near future.

    We all are looking forward to having students and staff in-person learning in our schools. Planning for this for months to make sure facilities are prepared and protocols are in place. We understand interest in setting a date for a return to in-person school, yet understand that may not line up with science.  Instead we are setting metrics, making sure the data holds, and then bringing in youngest kids and those with special needs. Will offer full virtual experience for families that aren’t comfortable for returning.

    Executive Director Student and School Health, Jenna Bacolor discusses metrics shared at the last Board of Education meeting. They include how new cases are trending, cases per 100,000 and per one-million, positivity rate and more on local outbreaks and clusters. New guidance came from the CDC, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and AAPS continues to work with local partners. Taking all of this information and will adjust our metrics accordingly.

    Putting plans together for months around protections for students and staff to minimize risk when in-person learning resumes. Full plan is available here.

    Looking at the totality of the metrics to get a really good sense of how much community spread of COVID-19 is happening locally as we decide when to bring students back in-person.

    Phased in approach of bringing students back into the school starting with students with specialized learning needs and kindergarten through second. Will monitor impact, then bring in 3rd through 5th grade. Then will bring in secondary students, but they are more complicated because secondary students are not just a small cohort group like elementary schools.

    Rec & Ed began program last Wednesday that offers free in-person and online programs for K-8 students. A chance for students to interact in a host of activities on Wednesday and Saturday. Learn more here