• Meet the friendly staff of Human Resources and Employee Relations:

      Name and Position Contact Information If you need help with:
    dave comsa David A. Comsa
    Deputy Superintendent, Human Resources and Employee Relations
    - General Counsel  
    Shonta Langford photo Shonta Langford
    Executive Director, Human Resources and Employee Relations
    -  Coordinate functions of HRS
    -  Staffing/Recruitment
    -  Supervise Student teacher placements
    -  Employee Relations
    -  504 Coordinator (staff)
    -  Title II Coordinator
    -  ADA
    -  Contract Negotiations (all groups)
    -  AAAA; AAEA/Para’s; ASCSA
    -  Compliance, Workers' Comp, Unemployment, OSHA
    -  Teacher Evaluation/STAGES, Admin. for AAEA-P
    Holly Scherer Holly Scherer
    Assistant Director
    -  Assist in coordination of HRS functions
    -  Contract Negotiations/Administration for AAEA/OP, AAEA, TSP
    -  Hiring Coordination for AAEA/OP, AAEA, TSP
    -  Teacher, OP, and TSP Staffing
    -  Teacher Certification/Highly Qualified/REP
    -  New World Project (HR and Payroll functions)
    Deb Holt photo Deborah Holt
    Executive Assistant
    (AAAA, ASCSA, Non-Bargaining)
    -  FOIA Coordinator
    -  Department Budget
    -  Billing and Ordering of Supplies
    -  Hiring coordination for AAAA, ASCSA, Non-Bargained Groups
    -  Employment File Reviews
    Amber Sotelo photo Amber Sotelo
    Position Control & Business Analytics Manager
    -  Standards for Success - Teacher Evaluations
    -  Maintain Position Code, GL Code and Hourly Code Schemas
    -  Tracks all staffing changes and maintains position control
    -  Maintains all new FTE sheets for district; Medicaid Staff Pool
    -  Liaison between HR and WISD for HR Application Support
    -  Attends meetings at WISD as required by NW applications
    -  Provides reports through Business Analytics as requested
    -  Optimization of Human Resources Systems
    -  Training of End Users personnel on HR Systems (HR/Payroll)
    Judy Atkiinson photo Judy Atkinson
    HR Specialist
    (AAEA/Teachers, AAEA/Office Professionals, AFSCME-TSP)
    -  HR/Payroll functions - AAEA-OP/AAEA-Teach; AFSCME-TSP
    -  Teacher and Other Professional Certifications
    -  Assist with REP (AAEA/Teachers, OPs, TSP)
    -  Itinerate Teacher Mieage
    -  AAEA Degree Changes
    -  Teacher Overage
    -  Teacher Supplemental Pay (Appendix V and Coaching)
    -  Terminal Leave Pay for Retirees (AAEA/Teachers)
    -  Employment/Unemployment Verifications
    Kenya Glover photo Kenya Glover
    HR Specialist
    (AESOP, Hourly Employees)
    -  Frontline Absence Management (Aesop) District Coordinator
    -  Process Substitute Feedback Forms
    -  Coordinate NCPS Subs (Nurses and OTs)
    -  Onboarding for Retired Subs
    -  Aesop Substitute Payroll
    -  30 Day TA Tracking
    -  Jury Duty
    -  Coordination-all hourly PAF's
    -  Noon Hour Supervisors & Hourly Employees
    Monai photo Monai Ward
    HR Specialist
    (Fringe Benefits - All Groups)

    -  Fringe Benefits- enrollment, changes, COBRA, Open enrollment
    -  ACA reporting, benefits, cost analysis
    -  Recruitment and Hiring (formerly Applitrack) District Contact

    -  HR Internal Mail Processing
    -  Worker's Comp (Injury) Reporting

    Julie Wilkinson photo Julie Wilkinson
    HR Specialist
    (Leaves - All Groups)
    -  FMLA and Leaves of Absence (all groups)
    -  Long Term Sub Requests
    -  Aesop and New World Leave Bank Management
    -  Payroll Deductions (all groups)
    -  Back up to Frontline Absence Manageent (Aesop)
    Tamika Witherspoon photo Tamika Witherspoon
    HR Specialist
    -  Hiring Coordination - Paraprofessionals and Child Care
    -  HR/Payroll Functions – Paraprofessionals and Child Care
    -  REP Reporting - Paraprofessionals and Child Care
    -  Criminal Background Check
    -  Coordinate Contractor Hiring/Background Checks
    -  Recruitment and Hiring Backup
    revised 5/6/20