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    Yoga (June 28th - July 30th)

    Course Overview and Expectations Video (3:41)

    Course Information

    This course is a physical education elective 0.5 credit.

    Course Overview

    Yoga is an ancient system of physical and mental exercise that links and integrates the mind, body and breath. In a yoga practice, you consciously synchronize breath and movement while stretching and holding poses. This unification of body, mind and breathing is powerfully restorative and transformational for the whole mind-body system.  This course will cover the eight limbs of yoga focusing on asana (posture), pranayama (breath control) and dhyana (meditation).  Benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, calmness, increased strength and stamina.

    Weekly Activities:

    1. Exercise Evidence: Yoga flows 5x /week (45min+) & Log: Weekly Yoga Reflections
    2. Breathing Practices: Breathing practice Journal 3x /week
    3. Guided Mindful Meditations: Meditation & Reflections 3x /week
    4. Project: Structural Anatomy Analysis 
    5. Service Project: Meets AAPS NHS service hour requirement 
    6. Assignments and Assessments

    Yoga Flows:

    You may choose any focus, teacher, level and intensity that suits your needs.


    • ROM Analysis- Tension and Compression
      • Paul Grilley Participation Video
    • Create Yoga Flow based on muscular imbalances revealed by posture
      • Body Read- Postural Distortion Identification
        • take plumb line pictures from front and side, identify postural distortions compared to ideal
      • Identify (tight & weak) muscles contributing to your postural distortion
      • Identify all of the Yoga poses that stretch the tight muscles and all of the poses that strengthen the weak muscles
        • Create a personalized yoga flow slideshow, include:
          • pictures of each of the (tight & weak) muscles contributing to your postural distortion
          • pictures of you demonstrating all of the poses that stretch the tight muscles and all of the poses that strengthen the weak muscles.
    • Yoga Service Project
      • A.R.K. Acts of random kindness

    EdPuzzles Quizzes:

    • Course Orientation
    • Intro to Yoga
    • Meditation for Athletes
    • Yoga Nidra
    • Kindness Is

    Sample Assignments:

    • 7 Mistakes beginning yoga students make
    • Yoga Anatomy Article and Slide show reviews 
    • How to Breathe Like a Jedi to Increase Mental Clarity, Energy, and Emotional Resilience
    • Nose Breathing for Stress and Immunity
    • Mindfulness Lesson 
    • Yoga Meals


    • Skills assessment
    • Final Project