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    People are raving about the best preschools in Ann Arbor!

    Ann Arbor Preschool @ Allen Elementary – Parent Testimonials

    “The AAPS sponsored preschool program is now and has been a shining example of the excellence that can be achieved in preschool education.”

    “Allen is the perfect place for this program to exist because of the diversity of the school. The formative ages for children about diversity is between the ages of 3-6. My son benefited so much to develop friendships with children from other cultural backgrounds such as Korean, Israeli, Mexican, Japanese, African American, and more.”

    “These are excellent instructors, who have continued to play a vital role in my son’s life at Allen Elementary School. In the case of my son, who has some special needs, Allen’s Preschool was the only preschool option recommended to us (by hearing specialists at the University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital).”

    “The Allen Preschool teachers developed a comprehensive program that incorporates play using fine motor and gross motor skills to learn basic concepts, such as numbers and letters. They even incorporated bringing in language lessons from different teachers in the community. My 5-year-old son can still tell me words in Chinese, German, and Spanish.”

    “Our own son and niece who, based on the outstanding teaching done at Allen Preschool, entered Kindergarten reading at above grade level, with a myriad of social skills and confidence beyond what we could have ever imagined possible.”

    “Ann Arbor Public Schools has set the standard for what preschool education can be and for what can be accomplished when a school district and a community invests in early education. These programs have provided a seamless transition for preschool children into kindergarten, and given them a solid foundation on which to stand for the rest of their academic careers. And most importantly, they have been staffed with teachers that take ownership over our children’s education and pride themselves on the success they achieve in the classroom. As you know, this type of attention is critical at this stage of development to create children that are confident and passionate about learning.”

    “I have been impressed with the high level of professionalism and skill that the preschool teachers display.  They stand out among the preschool teachers in our area as some of the very best.  They have been truly dedicated all year to facilitating growth and happiness in my child.  For a parent, this is invaluable. “

    “My husband and I have loved Allen Preschool for our daughter, because it was diverse, choice based (math, science, social studies), taught by AAPS teachers, focused nicely on pre-reading skills, etc etc. Our daughter has grown by leaps and bounds – academically, socially, artistically, mathematically – and had great fun while doing so.”

    “I am the parent of a current student enrolled in the preschool program at Allen Elementary. My daughter will be entering kindergarten next year with confidence, a clear understanding of how to properly interact in a group setting, as well as a firm grasp on math, science, reading/language and the arts. This program is truly a gem in the Ann Arbor area”

    “We could have stayed at a private preschool through Pre-K but we chose not to. We had very specific reasons that I think many parents share: (1) We want to support PUBLIC education. We would rather pay Ann Arbor Public Schools and invest in our children’s future in the district. (2) We simply received a better education for our child at a program through the public school system. All services are there and available at a public elementary school. (3) We didn’t want to shield our son from experiencing diversity. Private schools eliminate diversity by not being affordable by all. Experiencing and learning about diversity is critical to the development of a healthy young boy. (4) We could see the quality of the teachers.”

    Ann Arbor Preschool @ Thurston Elementary – Parent Testimonials

    “This program is truly exceptional: well-organized, intelligent and full of love and fun.  The classroom and playground are beautiful, clean and safe.  Its location in a charming elementary school in a quiet residential area is ideal. It is a wonderful program that provides an excellent transition to kindergarten.  Nowhere have I encountered a program in which the preschoolers are prepared for kindergarten by introducing them to the elementary school, interacting with the older children, attending the various “specials” (art, music and library), getting to know the teachers, and eating in the school cafeteria. All preschool programs should be this intelligent.”

    “The transition from pre-school to full-day Kindergarten in the same building is invaluable.”

    “I have had the privilege and pleasure of having had my children enrolled, nurtured and educated at the Thurston Preschool site.  Having been with the program for the past 5 years, I can tell you with the utmost confidence how much I believe in the educational value it affords all the young minds that attend. I don’t live anywhere near Thurston but have always believed in the program enough to drive my child across town despite the myriad of preschool options available much closer to my home.  I have researched many options over the years and have never found a program that offers so much.”

    “The experience my kids have had at Thurston far exceeded my expectations. Not only does the curriculum beautifully prepare kids for the academic side of Kindergarten, it develops a sense of cooperation, citizenship, structure, and care. Being in the K-5 building gives kids access to “specials” and events that prepare them for a successful transition to elementary school.”

    “We love the program structure which is appropriate for the age. My daughters never felt any pressure that they are going to a ‘school’. It was always fun time for them. They never realized that they had learned so much in one school year.”

    “When my first child started kindergarten at Eberwhite after a year at Thurston Preschool, I had no concerns that he would be able to meet the expectations of classroom behavior and that he was prepared academically to start reading and doing grade-appropriate math. But it was what I heard at my first parent/teacher conference that convinced me that Thurston Preschool had done more. The teacher told me that she had never met a child with such a well-developed sense of fairness and justice. While I will take some credit, I believe the classroom environment at Thurston, the students from all over the world, and the attention paid to working together, served my child well in Kindergarten and through his first grade year.”

    “As the mother of four, I know from experience how difficult it is to find quality preschool programs, even in this amazing town. Having experienced half a dozen programs and heard stories from fellow parents/colleagues about many others, Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Thurston Preschool teachers should be extremely proud of their accomplishments. I congratulate you on creating such an amazing preschool program, possibly the best in the city of Ann Arbor.”

    “Thurston Preschool has a solid curriculum in an academic setting where preschoolers attend specials and have opportunity to be exposed to the general elementary school environment, so that they are quite comfortable and ready when they become kindergarteners.  The teaching staff has been outstanding.  They sincerely care for the wellbeing of the children while helping them grow socially and learn the curriculum.  I trust them fully with my child and know without a doubt that this is the place best for him as he prepares for the academics of now full day kindergarten.”

    “My experience has been so overwhelmingly positive;   my two children who have graduated from the program have enjoyed much success in kindergarten and the transition was seamless.  They love learning, play nicely and can be focused–all skills taught and/or reinforced by the unique experience of the Thurston Preschool program.”

    “I understand that there are a lot of preschools in Ann Arbor and that there is competition for students, but the Thurston program is second to none. I’ve spoken with other parents who like where there kids go to preschool, and the programs sound good, but in the end I feel the kindergarten readiness preparation at Thurston is exceptional.”

    Teacher approved, too!

    “Our program is designed for children right before their kindergarten year and has a special “academic play-based” focus.  We know that children this age learn through play and we carefully plan and organize developmentally appropriate lessons and activities to meet their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs.  An emphasis is placed on problem solving skills, literacy, mathematics and science.  The children in our classroom will learn to recognize and write their first and last names, all the letters and sounds of the alphabet, writing and naming numbers 0-30, as well as practice with the scientific process.  A number of students will leave my classroom reading at a Kindergarten level, use “kid spell” to write about their drawings, and naturally engage in basic addition and subtraction problems with concrete materials.  The children in my class make great academic gains…”

    “I can honestly say that the last few years that I have been at this preschool, working with over 100 families, it has never felt like a job.  My passion lies with these children and making sure that they get off to the best start possible.” 

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