• Withdrawal


    Withdrawals are not granted for students who have not progressed in the course.

    If a medical withdrawal is necessary, the parent or guardian should contact the principal of A2 Virtual+ to make the request.

    • A request for a medical withdrawal should be for multiple classes(both in building and online) and not just the online class.
    • A medical withdrawal needs to include a letter from a physician that includes dates of treatment, diagnosis, and a statement that withdrawing from the online course is medically necessary.
    • Withdrawals initiated during the last three weeks of the term will only be considered if there are recent extenuating circumstances.
    • In addition to the medical note, parents need to complete the Withdrawal Form and submit both the medical note and form together. 
    • Withdrawals will not be considered unless all paperwork and supporting documentation is completed and turned into A2 Virtual+ office prior to the last three weeks of the term.

    Students who request a medical withdrawal can be denied future enrollment in another online course until the student has received authorization from the doctor that the student is medically ready to return to online learning.  

    If the student wishes to take another online course in the future, consideration for re-enrollment from the parent and attending physician can be made to the principal of A2 Virtual+.  If the principal of A2 Virtual+ approves a withdrawal for any reason, the student is required to take a 12 month hiatus from the online environment. The student may return to A2 Virtual+ online classes 12 calendar months after the conclusion of the term when the online course(s) were withdrawn.  If a parent or student wants to be considered to take a class before this time period, a meeting should be set-up with the A2 Virtual+ Principal.