• Information about the new weekly summary requirement

         All students are required to write a weekly summary / progress update on the Moodle site in order to get credit for their course. There are two reasons that this requirement has been added:

    • to increase communication between the student and their online mentor
    • to satisfy state of Michigan attendance provisions for students receiving credit where regular attendance is not taken.

    Students who participate in a direct conversation with their instructor every week through the the weekly summary have shown an increase in student achievement in their online course.

    Moodle entries for each week must be submitted  on Wednesdays, no later than 11:55 pm.  When a student misses five entries the overall grade is lowered by 1/3 of a letter grade.

    To help ensure that you remember to communicate through Moodle on Wednesdays, sign up for remind.  Instructions can be found on our orientation page.

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    Tutorial for How to  Submit a Weekly Moodle Check-In for you Online Course.