Annual Lottery:
Ann Arbor Open, Community High, and Skyline Magnets

  • Due to the popularity of programming at Ann Arbor Open, Community High School and the Skyline Magnets there is an annual lottery for specfic grade levels to get on the list for admittance. Each building has their own requirements for submitting an application. Please use the links below to learn more.

    Ann Arbor Open

    Ann Arbor Open School enrolls children in grades K-8 who reside in the Ann Arbor School District. Incoming Kindergarteners are chosen by random selection each February. Incoming students at grades 1st-8th are placed on a waiting list on a first come, first served basis. Siblings of current students receive preference for enrollment.

    For their students in grades K-8 to be eligible for enrollment in Ann Arbor Open School, parents must complete one or two visits to the school, as described below. Visits may take place either before or after enrollment is offered, but must be completed before the student is officially admitted to the school. If your child’s number is chosen in the annual random selection for Kindergarten students in early February, you will have only one week to commit or decline the seat.

    • Option 1: One Visit

    Attend an orientation tour during the school day, conducted by a staff member (these are scheduled through the office). The tours typically last 50-70 minutes and include time for questions.


    • Option 2: Two Visits

    Attend a parent-led orientation session in January AND spend 45 minutes observing in a classroom during the school day. At the orientation, Ann Arbor Open parents facilitate small group discussions designed to answer your questions and introduce you to the Open School community. For your classroom visit, you will be placed in a classroom to see a snapshot of our day. The teacher may ask you to help in some way. ALL visitors must sign in at the office and receive a visitor name tag. Please schedule these visits through the office.

    Both Option 1 & Option 2 visits are made without your child, and may be made in any order. For those families who have an older child, a visit by the student during the school day may be arranged after enrollment is offered.


    Community High School

    1. Selection is by a validated, double blind, random drawing, and is only for incoming 9th graders. Selection is not influenced by application responses. In grades 10-12, enrollment is based on available openings, determined no more than two weeks before each semester, from each grade level waiting list. CHS does not offer rolling enrollment.
    2. Families moving into the district may place their 8th grade student’s name in the lottery. Proof of future residency is required (see District AAPS residency requirements).
    3. In the lottery for incoming 9th graders, the first 132 numbers will be offered seats. The remaining numbers establish a wait list for that grade. This wait list is used to maintain enrollment levels.
    4. Before submitting an application, the parent/guardian AND student must attend an orientation meeting to be entered in the lottery. Both the completed application and orientation are required.


    Skyline High School Magnets

    Magnet program enrollment begins with an application process during the ninth grade year with the coursework starting during the tenth grade year. It will be expected, but not required, that students selecting the magnet programs will continue in their magnet until graduation. The academic courses in each magnet meet the same curriculum requirements and standards of regular academic classes and have the opportunity to focus that content on complex thinking and problem solving in the themed area. In the senior year, magnet students culminate their learning experience through an internship or senior project.