Required Documents for Enrollment

  • Please contact your school directly to make an appointment to turn in the required documents.

    Review the requirements below for document specifications.

    Contact your enrolling school if you have any questions.

    The following are the required documents for enrollment:

    ___ Parent/Guardian Driver's License, State ID, Passport or Visa

    Only a Parent or Legal Guardian may enroll a student. In addition, certified copies of court orders or placement papers, if applicable (i.e., Appointment of Legal Guardianship, Divorce Decree, etc.)

    ___ Student’s Original Birth Certificate (with raised seal) or Passport

    Students must be five (5) years old by December 1 and less than twenty (20) years old on September 1 for the enrolling school year.

    ___ Proofs of Residency (3 required)

    Residency is based on where a parent/legal guardian owns and/or physically resides. Working within the Ann Arbor School District boundaries or owning rental property does not constitute residency. The following residency documents will be accepted and “the district reserves the right to verify residency information provided.”.  Students enrolled under the Schools of Choice or Non-Resident Child of Employee options must also provide these proofs for their out-of-district residence.

    1. HOME OWNER: Parent/Legal Guardian’s current Property Tax Statement, Purchase Agreement, Closing Papers or Deed (must include name and address of parent/legal guardian); or CURRENT LEASE/RENTAL AGREEMENT: Parent/Legal Guardian’s “legal and/or notarized” Lease/Rental Agreement (must include name and address of parent/legal guardian, landlord or rental company name and phone number, address of rental, lease start and end date, and all appropriate signatures). 
    2. CURRENT UTILITY BILLS OR SET-UP CONFIRMATIONS (2):  Each from a different source (must include name and address of parent/legal guardian and recent date). Ex: Gas, Electric, Cable TV, Internet or Landline Phone.


    ___ Immunization Records

    Michigan Public Health code states that a child enrolling in Kindergarten, 7th grade, or newly enrolled in the district in any grade, must show proof of required immunizations or a waiver by the first day of school. All immunization and shot information must be legible – if a student is not immunized, a current waiver release must be provided from the Washtenaw County Health Department.

    ___ Vision and Hearing Screening for entering Young 5s/Kindergarteners

    Michigan Public Health code requires the screening of children’s hearing and vision prior to the start of Young 5s/Kindergarten. Parents/guardians must show a certificate of hearing and vision screening by the first day of school. Free screenings available with the Washtenaw County Health Department, visit their website for more information at

    In addition, report cards and/or transcripts are helpful when enrolling a student.

    Additional forms may be required at the building level.

    Requirements for Non-traditional Living Arrangements; contact the enrolling school if you think these apply to you:

    • Notarized Affidavit of Residency
    • Notarized Affidavit and Statement of Guardianship (2 forms)

    Required documentation for students in Temporary Living Situations follow the Mckinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. Direction to complete a temporary residence statement and referral can be found on the AAPS McKinney-Vento (Homeless) Student Services page.

    Please contact the enrolling school if you have any questions regarding enrollment documentation.