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  • Parent Groups & Partnerships 

    Support includes volunteer time; tutoring, classroom assistance, knowledge resources; advisory board members, guest speakers, professional mentors, in-kind donations and monetary donations.

    We thank the Ann Arbor parents and community for supporting AAPS!

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  • Rec & Ed  

    For almost 100 years, Rec & Ed has provided a wide variety of high quality, affordable enrichment and recreational opportunities to residents of Ann Arbor and surrounding communities.

    Explore classes such as a variety of cooking opportunities, belly dancing, Tai Chi, pottery, drawing, bee keeping, composting and much, much more!

    Rec & Ed serves over 19,000 youth and 18,500 adults annually, from birth to senior adult. Rec & Ed also provides before and after school childcare in 18 AAPS elementary schools as well as school vacation and summer camps. 

    Fast Facts on Rec & Ed

    • Recreational Sports Leagues
      • 11 youth sports offerings with 713 youth teams and 8,291 youth participants. 11 adult sports offerings with 828 adult teams and 8,745 adult participants.
    • Youth Afterschool and Evening Classes
      • 282 afterschool classes run throughout our schools serving 3,159 students.
    • Adult Lifelong Learning Classes
      • 871 adult lifelong learning classes with 6,999 adults participating.
    • Youth School Break and Summer Camps
      • 192 school break and summer camps with 4,459 total student registrations.
    • First Steps - Early Childhood Program
      • 1,048 family enrollments offering 126 classes in three schools: AA Preschool, Bryant and Logan.
    • Scholarships provided by Rec & Ed
      • 983 families received 1,500 youth scholarships, and 609 adult scholarships. $215,202 in total scholarships issued.