Annual Education Reports

  • The Annual Education Report (AER) is a report designed to meet the Federal requirements of the  Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 2001 (ESEA) and State law, Act 451, P.A. 1976 (and P.A. 25) for an annual report.  The report provides detailed data on State administered student assessment results, accountability, teacher quality, and the State results for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

    The AER reports include following components for all public school districts and buildings in the State of Michigan:

    • Process for assigning pupils to the school
    • Status of the 3-5 year school improvement plan
    • Brief description of each specialized school
    • How to access a copy of core curriculum implementation and variances from state’s model aggregate student achievement results
    • Parent-teacher conference data
    • Addition information for high school:
      • Number and percent of postsecondary enrollments (dual enrollment)
      • Number of college equivalent courses offered
      • Number and percentage of students enrolled in college equivalent courses (AP/IB)
      • Number and percent of students receiving a score leading to college credit